YM WhatsApp APK Version 22.1 Download 2022 [Official]


YM WhatsApp APK, also called YMWA, is a free-of-cost modified version of WhatsApp. The developers have added various features that are not available on the original version of WhatsApp.


Anti-ban feature has been a very helpful and useful feature that was added to the latest version of this application. This feature is crucial for every mod version of WhatsApp because it will prevent the official WhatsApp Team from banning our accounts. It is against their terms and conditions to download and use any WhatsApp Mod including GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and others.



It provide extra features that will allow you to secure your chats and control your online presence. You get to customize the interface of the application according to your preference. You can change the chat screen, wallpaper, themes, icons, and more.

Download YMWhatsApp V8.0 APK

YMWhatsApp is an enhanced version, and that is why you will not find the app on Google Play Store or any other app store. You must download the APK file and install it on your android device manually.

App NameYM WhatsApp APK
File Size37 MB
Android RequirementAndroid version 4.4 or above
DeveloperJesús Muentes
Last UpdatedToady

YM WhatsApp APK Download


Millions of users download and love WhatApp, but there are people who want more features while connecting to their friends on WhatsApp. Using a mod application that provides these extra features becomes a great priority.

Complete Antiban.

This is one of the most crucial features for any WhatsApp Mods because this will help them protect their official WhatsApp number from getting bans. The developers of YMWA has made sure to add this feature into the latest version. Now you don’t have to worry about getting banned by the WhatsApp Team.

Privacy settings.

Advanced privacy options are an important feature we all require in an instant messaging application. You can have complete control over your online activities and your presence on other user lists. You can hide blue ticks, double ticks, last seen, online status, typing indicator, recording status, and much more. The anti-deleted message feature lets you read the deleted messages as well. The wide privacy options make YMWA more desirable on WhatsApp Mod.

Custom privacy.

Every user has their priorities and preferences to secure their conversations. The custom privacy feature means users can customize their privacy settings. Like you hide messages if you desire, hide last seen or visibility only to certain contacts, and so on. You can modify your privacy settings according to your specifications.

Status Downloading.

You liked the Christmas status that someone uploaded on WhatsApp, but you don’t want to ask that person for the video. Then YM WhatsApp has it covered for you! The inbuilt status downloader will let you save the status videos and images to your phone’s external storage or gallery.

Icon for deleted messages and status.

Whenever you delete a message on WhatsApp, you see a message pop “This message has been deleted” along with a symbol. You can remove that symbol and message. In other words, delete messages silently without the other person knowing.


Toast online, status view, change profile picture.

The toast fiction is a unique feature that will notify you regarding certain contacts in your WhatsApp. Toast online feature will make you aware whenever a user comes online and give you a notification about that. Similarly, you will also be notified when certain contacts change their profile picture.


YMWA has multiple languages within the app, which will allow you to change the language that you are more comfortable with. You can also change the language of the complete interface and also the messages you send to any users.

Share videos and audios up to 100MB!

The official version did allow users to send videos or audios beyond a certain limit. They compressed the quality and also trim the original video. YMWA allows you to send a larger file size of audios and videos up to 100 MB.


Calls privacy.

The developers of YM WhatsApp APK made sure to add a good deal of privacy options open to the users. Every time you want to send a message to someone on WhatsApp, you have to first save their number but YMWA allows you to directly message or call without saving the number.

Change font style.

The customization settings that are open to the users are amazing. You can customize your privacy settings as well as the complete look of the complication. Change the font style and add fun fonts that will make your chatting experience more fun.

Group message counter.

This allows users to have a count of the group messages on WhatsApp. You can see how many messages were sent by your friends to each other in a particular group. The total number of messages that were sent back and forth will appear.

Block WhatsApp with a PIN

There is an inbuilt app lock that will let you block or protect your conversations. Lock away your chats with a PIN or password. You will only be able to access it if you input the right PIN.


YMWhatsApp is an amazing app that provides users with tons of privacy options like hiding blue ticks, custom privacy settings, in-built app lock, and much more. You can enjoy using WhatsApp but with more options to enhance your chatting experience. Customize the interface to your desire, from video call icon, dark mode, button colours, and so on.

Being a mod version has certain security risks, but no harmful malware has been reported that could cause any major problems. So we recommend our users always use a secondary number or a temporary number when using any WhatsApp Mods.


What Is YM WhatsApp APK?

YM WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp with extra features that it lacked. It has more advanced privacy and customizations options.

How To Download & Install YM WhatsApp on Android?

Click YM WhatsApp download button and save the APK file. Install the app by completing the verification process.

Is YMWhatsApp Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe! But there are certain security risks and chances of getting banned by WhatsApp. The anti-ban feature added to the latest version will prevent any bans.

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