How do I Check My WhatsApp Web Login History


WhatsApp web is nothing but your synced WhatsApp application on your device on your desktop. It generally enables you to keep updated on your WhatsApp application in case you are away from your phone and are using your laptop or computer.


It is especially required for those who are working over WhatsApp and their work on a desktop. There is particularly no major difference between the interface of the application on Android and on the desktop. You can also download and install GBWhatsApp to enjoy the advanced features of the WhatsApp Application.

And it also has its web application. Users have to log into the GBWhatsApp web by opening their GBWhatsApp application on their phone, clicking on the three-dotted icon from the drop-down menu, selecting linked devices, and scanning the QR code.WhatsApp

Now it is important to have a login history of your connection otherwise you will lose the track of which computers you are logged into. So let us learn about how to check the login history of the WhatsApp Web.


How Do I Check My WhatsApp Web Login History?

Every time you log in to the WhatsApp web history of it will be created in your WhatsApp application to keep a track of it. Steps in which you can check your login history on WhatsApp web are:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your device
  • Now you have been redirected to your WhatsApp home screen
  • From the top left-hand corner of your screen click on the three-dotted icon

3 dots

  • From the drop-down menu click on linked devices

linked devices

  • On opening link devices the user will be able to see that particular WhatsApp application’s login history on WhatsApp web. The date and timing of each login will also be shown in the history.

link a device


Another way of viewing WhatsApp web login history is:

  • Go to the Google account which is linked with your WhatsApp account and then open it.
  • After that click on data and privacy.
  • Now scroll down to web and app activity.
  • After clicking on it, the user will be able to see all the history of WhatsApp Web logins.


Warning: If you find “WhatsApp Web is currently active and you have not logged in from any other device you must immediately log out because another person might be using your account.


It is important to keep a track of your WhatsApp Web logins otherwise you will lose track that in which devices your WhatsApp has been logged into. It is also advisable to always log out of the WhatsApp web after the completion of usage. In case you work on your office desktop which is accessible to many and you have not logged out of WhatsApp web then your data might be compromised.

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