WhatsApp B58 MiNi APK Download Latest version [Official]


Mini Whatsapp messenger is one such version of the application that offers multiple privacy-related features to the users. Whatsappmini is another mod version of the official Whatsapp like GB WhatsApp, Fm Whatsapp that comes with several customizable and privacy-oriented features that make the app a brilliant choice for its users.


Since it was launched, Whatsapp has been the number one choice of users when we talk about instant messaging applications. Over the years, multiple versions of the official application have been introduced in the market. Each version has some special feature that comes in handy to the users, thus the Mini Whatsapp version is a successful mod app.

WhatsApp  B58 MiNi APK Download

Mini whatsapp


WhatsApp B58 Mini APK v 22.2.0 Latest Version Download

Here’s a guide to how you can download this version of Whatsapp on your device:

  • Visit the Mini Whatsapp APK site and click on the download button given.
  • Once you click on download, the app will shortly begin downloading on your device.
  • It will ask you for a path to save the file.
  • Save the path and download the APK file.

APK Info

App NameWhatsApp B58 MiNi
Size26.1 MB


Google Drive backup

With this feature, you can link your Whatsapp account with Google. You can directly upload the backup to Google drive. This feature is only available in this mod version of Whatsapp.

Anti-revoke messages

If a sender deletes a particular text after sending it to you, this feature will let you read the deleted text. Users can also reply to the deleted texts using this feature of the Mini Whatsapp.

Status downloader

With just a single clock, this feature of Minin Whatsapp lets you download the status of anybody from your contact list. You can directly copy the status in this app without having to download some third-party app for the same.

Anti-status delete

If a contact in your device deletes a Whatsapp status after uploading it, you can still read their status with the help of this anti-status delete feature. Added to this, you can even reply to those deleted statuses if you wish to.

Anonymous status viewer


This feature lets the user view the status of his contacts without their name being visible to the viewers. You can view someone’s status without letting them know. You will be only visible if you click on the double ticks present in the bottom left corner of the app.

Show blue ticks after reply

This version of Whatsapp enables you to let your friends know that you’ve read their messages only if you wish to. Your friends will see the blue ticks only if you reply to them. If you don’t reply, it won’t be visible to them.

Hide the last seen


Mini Whatsapp offers you a feature with which you can freeze/hide your last seen by making certain changes in the settings. To enable this feature, simply go to the settings option in the application, enable the freeze last seen option and restart your Whatsapp to start using this feature.


Users can now customize their interface by adding new hemes, logos, fonts, styles, and much more in this version of Whatsapp. With over 150 themes present in its library, Mini Whatsapp also lets you download custom logos and fonts.

DND mode

When you enable the DND feature on your Mini Whatsapp, you become completely offline. You can no longer send or receive any texts while you’re in this mode.

Custom call privacy

You can set custom call privacy for each contact on your list. If you go to the privacy settings and disable the calling, then nobody will be able to call you over Whatsapp. You can also allow some specific people to call as per your wish.

Lock Whatsapp chats

This version of Whatsapp allows you to lock your Whatsapp chats with a custom pin or pattern. You can set a custom pin for each chat. Nobody except you can access your chats when this feature is enabled.


Being a modified version of the official application, Mini Whatsapp comes with several privacy-oriented features such as customization, hiding last seen, viewing statuses without being shown. This version allows you to connect your Whatsapp with Google Drive for making backups – a feature that is unavailable on all other mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download WhatsApp B58?

Visit the Mini Whatsapp APK site, click on the download button, choose a path and save the downloaded file as APK.

Is Mini WhatsApp safe?

Yes, this version of Whatsapp is safe to use. However, it is recommended that you do not use your personal number to register on this application.

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