What is WhatsApp Plus & Is it Same as WhatsApp


This is an unofficial application that is a replica of the instant messaging app, WhatsApp. It has many modified features along with the official WhatsApp features. Spanish developer Rafalete in the year 2012 developed this modded application. Just like the official application, this app allows you to send text messages, make video & audio calls with your contacts. WhatsApp Plus also provides many functions & options of privacy, customization, file sharing, which are in high demand by the users of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has become a primary source for conveying official information & sending personal messages. But due to its limited functionality & customization options, we have to sniff off with other mod applications of it. WhatsApp Plus itself is a free app, but the user license is the same as the original version.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus 2021 is only developed for Android smartphone users. It enables you to customize your app by installing many new themes, fonts, etc. It also allows you to hide your connection time, status, & modify the aspect of the interface. Also, features like new emoticons, more options to send files with large file sizes & many formats are also present. WhatsApp Plus comes with a blue-coloured logo.

WhatsApp Plus

To complete the WhatsApp Plus introduction, it is important to know that it is not an official app. So, you can’t download it from the Google play store. You can download the APK file from a safe source. Otherwise, it may hamper your device or could steal your data. Additionally, your account may get banned for not using the official app as Facebook punishes the use of MODs & tries to avoid it.

Before downloading & installing the modded Apk you must keep all these facts in your mind. Also, make sure to back up your chats as you will have to delete the original WhatsApp before installing this mod app. This is mandatory because the modded version will not work unless you remove the original WhatsApp. As these are unofficial versions, the support for these mod apps may get stopped anytime. Furthermore, no one can predict the software support of these apps. Hence, your data like contacts, chat history, & other files may get shared with outsiders.

WhatsApp Plus Features

Hiding Options

Hiding options

It is an amazing attribute that allows you to hide your online status, bluetick, view status, recording status, etc.

Anti-Revoke Messages

Anti-Revoke Message

Enabling this option means people cannot delete messages sent to you by them. Even if they do so, you can still view them.

Theme Library

Theme Library

This app offers over 700 themes to choose from for free. You can sort them according to name, version, date & downloads.



It is an amazing feature of the app. It allows you to change the font style & color of the text which is not allowed by WhatsApp.



This app comes packed with various emojis. But only a WhatsApp Plus user can see these emojis. All the users using WhatsApp will see a question mark instead of emoji.

Unleash Limit

Sending Images

You can forward messages up to the limit of 250 characters. Also, you can send more than 10 images at a time in full resolution.


Dark Mode

Dark Mode

You can use this feature of the app with improved visibility. It is beneficial while using the app at night.

Direct Messages

Message Icon

You can directly call or send a message to any person using WhatsApp without saving his/her number.

Customization Options



You can change the color of the background, launcher icon & widgets. Size & appearance of chat images, contact’s image, & pop-up notifications.

Other Amazing Features

Freeze Last Seen – This feature hides your online status from your contacts. So, no person will be able to see your last seen status.

Privacy – For better privacy this app provides you hiding blue ticks, second ticks, typing & recording status among contacts.

Call Privacy – You can decide Who can call you. You can choose from everyone, my contacts, my contact except, select contacts, & nobody.

Chats – Under this option you will find disable forward tag, anti-delete messages, show blue ticks after reply.

Status Options – You can hide view status that is your name will not appear on your contacts status view list even if you have seen their status. Also, you can see deleted status of your contacts with anti-delete status.

Security Options – The app gives you various security options like pattern lock, PIN lock, make pattern invisible.

Add-Ons – WhatsApp Plus add-ons give you hundreds of sticker packs & wallpapers to choose from.

Multi-Languages -The app supports Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Espanol, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish.

Home Screen Customization – You can change chat header, chats rows, call & contact screen, floating button, starred message screen.

Auto-Reply – It is very useful for busy persons. You can set auto-reply messages when you are not available to reply or you don’t want to reply.

DND Mode – This feature is present as a wifi sign. It basically means that you will not receive or send any messages until you disable it.

Log History – WhatsApp Plus log option provides information regarding the activities on the application.

Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp Messenger have some key differences that you should know before you decide which one to use.

WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp is safe & free to download. You can directly install it from the Google Play Store application. Also, it is very easy to use & you will not face any security issues as it is the original official app.



  • It’s the official app. So it’s safe to use.
  • Easier to install than any MODs.
  • No risk of the account getting banned.
  • More secure than any other messaging apps.


  • Fewer customization options are present.
  • No ability to install any different themes.
  • Doesn’t support multiple accounts.
  • You can’t ‘undelete’ any messages.

WhatsApp Plus


  • You can change the colors, fonts, and themes.
  • Options for disable voice calls and hide profile pictures.
  • Supports multiple accounts – up to 4 different accounts.
  • You can ‘undelete’ previously sent messages.


  • Not as secure & safe as WhatsApp for confidential information.
  • WhatsApp can ban your account from using it.
  • Installation is trickier than the official app.
  • App support might stop at any time as it’s an unofficial app.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use?

No, WhatsApp Plus is not as safe to use as the original WhatsApp messenger app because it is an unofficial app. Even WhatsApp itself has warned its users against the use of such mods. The accounts of such mods users may get banned from using WhatsApp permanently.

You may also face data security issues with this app. Such as your contact list, profile information, chat history, or any file you have shared via this app may get leaked to outsiders. If you are security conscious, you must stick to the official messaging app.


WhatsApp Plus application has a lot to offer to its users. It offers many amazing settings related to customization, privacy, & many more for a better user experience. It also differs in many aspects from the official WhatsApp. We suggest our users to use the original version of the app instead of the modded one. As it may hamper your privacy & your account may get permanently blocked. So, use it at your own risk.

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