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It is a modded version of a very famous messaging app WhatsApp. It has a rapid massive increase in its audience due to its more features over the original app. Gb WhatsApp has many extra advantages over the original app. Yet, many are not aware of the security risks associated with its use.


WhatsApp is the most popular & primary messaging app used worldwide. It has more than 200 million active users in India and it is still gaining new users as it is free to use. While it has many features, it lacks the customization which many users want. It has several restrictions, so a user cannot customize the app as per their preference. But there is a solution to this customization problem also, it is – GB WhatsApp 2021.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GBWA is one of the best mod versions present on Internat, it is an APK file that is further developed by a third party. Meaning GB WhatsApp is a clone app of the original with some added functionality & more customizable settings.


What is GB WhatsApp

This app is developed by third-party developers who wanted to add a few more features to WhatsApp. This is the reason why the app is not associated with WhatsApp Inc. That is why it is not available on Google Play Store & you can download it from GBWA.


GB WhatsApp Features and Settings

  • Auto-reply feature is present.
  • More privacy options are there.
  • Provides an amazing font library.
  • Allows hiding last seen & read receipts.
  • DND feature is present.
  • Can save any WhatsApp status to phone.
  • Text message broadcast feature present.
  • Supports all types of file sharing.
  • Anti-revoke message feature.
  • Share 50MB audio & 100MB video files.
  • Ability to share 90 images at a single time.
  • Endless themes & a vast library of emojis.
  • Ability to hide the pop-up notifications.
  • Allows pinning more than 3 chats.
  • Allows customizing any aspect of the App.
  • Can hide forwarded tag from the forwarded message.

Difference Between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

FeaturesWhatsAppGB WhatsApp
Status Characters LengthUp to 139 CharactersUp to 255 Characters
Languages Supported13045
Document Sharing at one time30 Max100 Max
Media Sharing15 MB50 MB
Theme ChangingX
Hide Last SeenX
Blank Messages SendingX
Status CopyingX
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt formatX

Advantages and Disadvantages

No doubt, WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging application available for almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, & more. But GBWhatsApp is just another modified version of the original like YoWhatsApp & FMWhatsApp. The main advantage of GBWhatsApp APK is that you can use it on the same device on which you have WhatsApp.

Whereas the biggest disadvantage of using GBWA is your account may get banned entirely for future practice. So, try using a temporary alternate number for your GBWhatsApp account.


Warning Against The Use

Some websites from which you download GBWA may contain viruses that could harm the functionality of your mobile device & put them at greater risk. Also, the app doesn’t come from a trusted source & could contain some hidden codes that may hamper your data.

WhatsApp has warned that if users fail to switch to the official legal version of Whatsapp, their account may get blocked or suspended from using the app. Furthermore, it also warned that these clone apps violate security practices too.

Final Words

It is an unofficial modded version of the WhatsApp Application. It additionally supports extra features with identical security as the official app. But these mod apps support can be taken away at any time. Also, the official company itself warns the users against their use. So, download & use them with extra precautions. As your data such as contact list, files are shared via the app, chat history may be at risk of leaking with outsiders.

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