How to Turn Off Automatic Updates for WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in today’s age. Though the basic features are kept the same, many other features have been introduced over time that might engage more users, benefit them, etc. Now, these features are added through various technical works in the application.


However, we users get such additional features via updates. Often we get notifications that we need to update this application. Sometimes we need to update the app even if we are not willing to because if we do not do it, the app will stop working. Well, that’s not the case with GBWhatsApp. You can use the old version of the apk and install the app whenever you want. However, the updates consume a lot of our internet and finish up at that moment only.




Manual updates can be stopped if we feel we are in lack much internet, but automatic updates are something that cannot be controlled even if we at times do not realize when the application has got updated. Thus, many of us want to turn off automatic updates for WhatsApp, let us see how we can do them.

Steps to Turn Off Automatic Updates for WhatsApp

To turn off the automatic updates for the WhatsApp application on your Android device

  • Firstly, open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • On opening the Google Play Store you will be redirected to the Play Store home screen.
  • On the top of the home screen, you will see the icon where your Gmail account initial or picture is showing.

google play store

  • Click on that.
  • From the drop-down menu, select my apps and games.

apps and games

  • On clicking it go to the Manage section.
  • Now scroll down to the WhatsApp messenger application.


  • Tick off the auto-update option.

auto update

In this way, your auto-update of the WhatsApp application will be disabled.


In the case of the users of iOS devices, open the iPhone device

  • Then go to the iPad settings and click on it.


  • On its opening scroll down to iTunes and App Store.

iTunes and app store

  • Search for the WhatsApp application and slide the auto-update button.


Now you are disabled from any automatic updates of the WhatsApp application.

Users if want can also disable the auto-update options for all the applications or they can choose the option of ‘Ask every time before updating’, in these ways also you can get rid of automatic updates of the WhatsApp application.


Updating applications are important as continuing them in older version might cause hindrance to smooth running of the app. However, automatic updates can also exhaust your data every time if you are not connected to wifi, so follow the above ways in case you want to turn off auto-updates.

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