Translate WhatsApp Messages Instantly Without Leaving WhatsApp


WhatsApp is so popular app that almost everyone around the globe uses it. WhatsApp has around 60 built-in languages by which users can communicate easily in their own comfortable language. But have you faced any issues while communicating in languages in which you are not very comfortable?


If yes, then this article is for you. We all have faced issues while translating one language to another. Most people make major grammatical mistakes while translating messages with which they are not very familiar. And for that, we suggest you use GBWhatsApp.

This third-party application has a language-changing feature. And apart from that, you will also be able to enjoy its latest features like forwarding a message without a “forward” tag.

Now it is possible to translate your messages into other languages without even leaving your WhatsApp. You just need to follow the tricks which are mentioned below and in no time your typed message will automatically translate into other languages selected by you.


Ways to Translate Messages

  • GBoard

There is a mobile keyboard app that translates your WhatsApp messages to other selected languages. To get this feature on your phone you need to download Gboard first. Through Gboard, you can directly translate your chat into another language. Gboard app will add a new keyboard to your mobile system.

Step 1: First,  Set GBoard as the default keyboard from the mobile settings.

Step 2: Open your WhatsApp and enter the chat area

Step 3: Click on the chatbox and open google WhatsApp

Step 4: Then click on 3 dots on the keyboard

Step 5: A window will appear.

Step 6: Set the language into which you want to translate your messages.


Step 7: Now open your chat screen again. Step8: Enter the text you want to send, and your message will be translated automatically into the selected languages.


Using Gboard as the default keyboard will bring you a lot of extra amazing features with it. Features like Integrated google search, search word meaning, multilingual typing, one-hand mode, and many more will surely enhance your chatting experience using WhatsApp.

  •  Chat Translator

Another way to translate your messages into other languages is by using other apps called chat translators. In the play store or other app stores, you can find many apps to use to translate your messages.  These apps work simultaneously with WhatsApp and translate your message as soon as you type your message.


Step 1: Download any chat translator from the play store on your phone

Step 2: Open the app and permit it to draw or appear over other apps.

Step 3: After this, a confirmation message will be asked whether to provide full access or not.

Step 4: Click on allow button.

Step 5: Enable the chat translator for the WhatsApp option.

Step 6: Open WhatsApp and open the chat screen.

Step 7: Tap on the select icon and select the language in which you want to translate your messages.

Step 8: Now your chat will automatically translate to the selected language.

chat translator

After reading the article if you wish to install GBWhatsApp, you can do it from our website. It is safe and secured. Just make sure you enable downloading from unknown sources before hitting the download button.


WhatsApp is used all around the world and the language barrier is obviously an issue faced by millions. That’s why by using these 2 ways you can translate your chats into any language you want without even leaving WhatsApp in just a few seconds.

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