Track and Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages, Calls, Location


With this increasing use of social media apps, everything has become pretty close-ended. Because of this, you may want to know what is happening in someone’s life through Social Media or an instant messaging service like WhatsApp.


You may want to know where that person is going and with whom that person is talking. You want to keep track of that person 24*7, but the problem is, how will you do it?

If you are looking for a mobile application that can help you, then yes, there is! But in some countries, it’s against the law to use any kind of spying apps or applications. So it would be better to know whether these apps are as safe as GBWhatsApp. If this sounds too risky for you, then you can download GBWhatsApp from to enjoy some exclusive features like hiding typing status and changing wallpaper.

Which App to Use For Tracking a WhatsApp Account?

You can track someone’s activity on WhatsApp with apps like CellSpy and Minspy. Both apps are available in over 190 countries, but both apps work better with Android phones.

PhoneSheriff is also one such web-based social media monitoring solution that can track WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, and other social media messages from any device. You can access PhoneSheriff from your computer using its website. Just like this app, you can also use WhatsApp Web in GBWhatsApp or download GBWhatsApp for PC to have fun.

With these apps, you can track every activity of the user. Using this app can be helpful for:

  • Parents who want to keep a check on their kids and make sure they are not using mobile phones for any wrong purpose. You can also avoid your kids from getting bullied by tracking their WhatsApp.
  • Employers have a suspicion about any of their employees and they think that a particular employee is selling confidential information about the organization.
  • Couples with relationship problems or trust issues can use this app to clear any doubts and suspicions that they have by monitoring their partner’s activity on WhatsApp. Sometimes your partner may create fake WhatsApp conversations that you should be aware of.

As good as it sounds, monitoring someone’s activity in a personal app like WhatsApp is very tough. If not done safely, then you can be under a lot of problems because of breaching someone else’s privacy. So, take action at your own risk. If you don’t want to take that risk and still enjoy some interesting features like hiding last seen, and retrieving old messages, you can download GBWhatsApp.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote breach of privacy in any way. This article is informational and only sheds light on software/apps that already provide the service of monitoring someone else’s WhatsApp account.

To track anyone’s WhatsApp profile, you would need to download and install third-party apps like Minspy or CellSpy on your mobile phone or PC. After this, you need to install one of these apps on the phone of that person whose WhatsApp account you want to monitor. Both these apps are hidden and won’t show up in the apps list or app drawer. And with GBWhatsApp you can hide contacts and hide chat too to make things better.


It is very important to have a working internet connection if you want to constantly monitor someone else’s WhatsApp account. Because these apps will use the online service of these apps to track someone’s WhatsApp messages, calls, or location. Just installing the app won’t help you. You can also do prank calls with the person whom you’re tracking by changing voice on audio calls.

How to Read Others WhatsApp Messages Using MinSpy?

You would need to set up the MinSpy app on your phone or computer to use it. If the target mobile phone is Android, then you would need to get your hands on that mobile for at least 3 minutes to set up this app. You might need to do this with other spy tools as well.


If the target device runs on iOS then you can set up MinSpy in their phone through their iCloud credentials and you won’t even have to touch their iOS device. iPhone users can also download GBWhatsApp for iOS devices to activate banned WhatsApp numbers if it ever gets banned for using third-party apps.

Step 1: Go to the official website of MinSpy and use your email account as a username to sign up for free.

Step 2: Subscribe to a MinsSpy plan and you can choose plans depending on the number of WhatsApp accounts you want to track.

Step 3: Go to your email account and check your inbox to get the setup instructions.

Step 4: For Android devices, you need to download a spy app of 2MB on the target user’s account. For android users, you would need to fill in their iCloud login details.

After following the steps above, you would need to wait for about 10 minutes to track the target user’s WhatsApp account.


You can track anyone’s WhatsApp account by using the apps mentioned above and by following the steps for setup. However, this should be your last resort, and you need to know that this is not a healthy practice. Sometimes it can be helpful, but only if you are cautious enough!

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