How to Change the Color of the WhatsApp Icon?


WhatsApp is used daily by millions of people. This is a great communication platform with features like texting, Voice Calls, Video Calls, and many more. The WhatsApp logo is a call icon inside a green bubble. Some people might find it boring and want to change it. Some people might want to change it to look different and flex to their friends.


No matter what your preferences are, we got your back. We have come up with some ways you can follow to change the color of your WhatsApp icon.


How to Change the Color of the WhatsApp Icon?

There are a few ways this can be done. Follow these methods to change the color of your Whatsapp icon-

Using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a great choice to install for those who are tinkerers. This provides you with various unique features including reading deleted messages, enabling dnd mode, or changing name color that is unavailable to regular Whatsapp users.

Remember GBWhatsApp is not officially supported by WhatsApp, and your data could be at risk if you use it. If you still choose to use GBWhatsapp, make sure you download and install GBWhatsApp from a reputed website

Follow these steps to change the WhatsApp logo with GBWhatsApp-

  • Open the GBWhatsApp application


  • Click on the plus sign in the bottom right
  • Now click on the Paint Roller icon
  • Now Click on Universal


  • Then click on Styles
  • Click on the ‘launcher icon’ option and find the icon you want to uselauncher icon

Using a Custom Icon App

There are various apps on the Play Store that allow you to change the look and feel of your phone by matching your icons with your background. You can match the color theme and also the style. You would need to download an app like Icon Pack Studio.

icon pack studio

These apps allow you to choose a specific icon pack, you can also download prebuilt icon packs as well as create your own icons for apps. You can make your Whatsapp logo whatever you want.


Using a Launcher App

Launcher Apps are a great way to bring a new theme to your phone. This will not only make your phone new and sleek but can also add some new functionality to your mobile phone.

launcher app

This not only adds new icons but also adds various new design elements to your Phone. Nova Launcher is a great option for this. Nova launcher has a golden WhatsApp logo. You can set it up and make your Whatsapp logo Golden.


We learned various ways we can change the icon of WhatsApp. Now you can change the icon of your WhatsApp to impress your friends or to match the icon to the aesthetics of your theme. There are many options you can change your icon to. The options are virtually endless if you use the second method.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to format my Phone?

No, none of the methods mentioned above requires you to format your device. This works as a skin and changes the aesthetic appearance of your System.

2. Can I Change Colour Icon?

Click on the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds, which will change the WhatsApp logo. after that, an editing pencil will appear on the screen window. click on that and go to the gallery to select the downloaded WhatsApp logo.

3. Can I Customize my WhatsApp Icon?

Yes, click and hold the icon. Now click on the edit option from the menu, and can change the icon.

4. What are the WhatsApp Icon Colours?

The original WhatsApp colors are teal green, teal green dark, blue, and light green

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