Stop Others From Adding you to GBWhatsApp Groups


GBWhatsApp is a popular app and is used as the primary messaging app by most people. Currently, it has users in millions and they are still growing day by day. It has many features like texting, sharing documents, audio calls, and video calls. But now we can connect with many people at a time by making groups on WhatsApp.


It is a very popular feature for keeping in touch with friends and family members from around the world. WhatsApp earlier used to allow anyone to add anyone to a WhatsApp group, until and unless they had their saved number. This led to bumper issues of random people adding randomly to anonymous useless groups so, GBWhatsApp especially after the group limit was extended to 256 members, introduced a new feature to stop others from adding us to the groups. Recently, GBWhatsApp rolled out these group privacy settings to everyone.

How To Enable Group Privacy Setting

group privacy


Firstly, we must install the latest version of GBWhatsApp on our smartphone, and if we don’t have an updated version we need to first update that. Because this is the new feature that is introduced recently so this won’t work in the old version of apk.

How to Stop Someone From Adding you to WhatsApp Groups

For Android

If you’re a GBWhatsApp user then follow these steps-

  1. Open GBWhatsApp on your phone and tap on 3 dots in the top right corner
  2. Tap settings>account>privacy.
  3. 3. Then tap on groups and select one of the given options – everyone, my contacts, or my contacts except…
  4. Selecting my contacts only allows numbers that are saved on your device.
  5. Select the third option my contacts except where you only allow selected people to add you on Whatsapp groups. This option will help you to stop random people that add you to WhatsApp groups.


For iPhone

If you are using GB WhatsApp for iPhone, you may follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to GBWatsApp
  2. Now open settings.
  3. Select Account > Privacy > Groups
  4. Choose anyone from, My Contacts Except, Everyone, or My Contacts.

for iphone


The conclusion arises that we can now stop others from adding us to GBWhatsApp groups through the steps given above. This is definitely the most awaited option for all users as sometimes it is very disturbing that messages are popping up again and again so this feature can save us.

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