How to Set Photo Upload Quality on GBWhatsApp


We all love to click photos and we also want to share them with others through messages. Not only casual pictures but also important document pictures we send over WhatsApp. In all cases, the important factor is to have high-quality photos while we receive them or send them. In the original WhatsApp application, users often complained that while sending pictures the quality degrades a bit. There is also no such specific quality to be selected while sending photos on the original WhatsApp application. But the same is not the case now, you can select photo upload quality nowadays. This can be done using GBWhatsApp.


This application is the unofficial version of Official Whatsapp and works similar to later. The only difference is the feature it holds. Apart from the features of the official one, it has extraordinary features like forwarding messages without forwarding tags, hiding chat, downloading view once photos, etc.

Types Of Photo Upload Quality

As per the above question, a GBWhatsApp application user can definitely change their photo upload quality if they have GBWhatsApp installed on their device. As of now, there are three types of photo upload qualities. One is the auto option; here your pictures will be sent in a default quality which means the picture will be compressed to a certain quality


The second quality option available is the best quality; the user can send the photo in a high resolution. And the last one is the data saver option where the user will send a picture in a highly compressed manner.

To Set Photo Upload Quality On GBWhatsApp

Let’s now discuss the steps in which the user can set their photo upload quality on the GBWhatsApp application.

  • Firstly the user will open their WhatsApp application.
  • They will be redirected to their home screen page.
  • On the top of the screen click on the three-dot icon.
  • From the drop-down menu click on settings.settings
  • Then click on storage and data and data
  • Now scroll down to the media upload quality and click on photo upload quality.
  • Finally, you can select whether you want to choose the auto option or the best quality option, or the data saver quality

Note: The above-mentioned steps are for Android devices, You may find some when it comes to GBWhatsApp for ios. Likewise, the settings are visible in the lower-right corner of the device.


High-quality pictures always require more data. A high-quality picture is appreciable but not all require it at times. Someone might just want to share a picture in low data, therefore they must choose their photo upload quality according to their need.


It is to be kept in mind that WhatsApp by default compresses the size of the picture while sending it, therefore the default option saved is the Auto option. Thus, after installing the application should change their photo upload quality accordingly.

Tip: If you are using wifi and are not worried about data availability, set the photo quality to “best”.

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