How to Set Long Videos as WhatsApp Status?


WhatsApp is a great helpful App used every day by millions worldwide. We can send messages, videos, and voice chats. Another feature of WhatsApp that makes it this popular is the Status feature. With Statuses, we get to know how our Contacts are feeling and get some hints about their life.


But the videos in Statuses, visible for 24 hours, are capped to 30 seconds and this can be particularly annoying when you want to post a long video and the inbuilt WhatsApp Status Cutter messes with the order of your videos.


How to Set Long Videos as WhatsApp Status?

Here are a few ways you can get past the 30-second time limit in WhatsApp Status-

Using a Video Splitter

You can post videos in several chunks if you want to post them longer than 30 seconds. And post them one by one. But manually cutting them with the WhatsApp video cutter might be a little less intuitive and a bit of a hassle. So, you can download various apps that do exactly the same thing. Download video Splitter from Playstore or the App Store and now you can split the Statuses perfectly. And they would sync up.

video splitter

Using WA Tweakers

You can use the WA Tweakers App if you want to post a video of a length of 45 seconds or less you can use WA Tweakers to do so. WA Tweakers is an app that helps by modifying certain aspects of it. You can modify it so that you can post 45-sec Status.


Follow these steps to modify this feature-

  • First, install the WA Tweaks application
  • On the left side open the menu bar
  • Select and open WATweaks Options
  • Find “Bypass 45-second video limit for status

WA tweaks

  • Check the checkbox next to the option
  • Now save it.

Now, you would be able to send longer videos. WA Tweakers is not available on Playstore, even if you download it make sure you do it from a popular website.

Using GBWhatsApp and Other Moded WhatsApp

Besides regular WhatsApp, there are a lot of clients that allow us to use features that are unavailable to regular ones. These WhatsApp clients include GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold e.t.c. After downloading them from websites, you can go into the settings and enable the correct option to send longer videos on WhatsApp Status.


These apps are not available on Playstore, so use them at your own risk.  Some websites can input malicious code to steal your data and money(if you use the payments feature). So be careful and even if you download, GBWhatsApp can be easily downloaded and installed.


We learned about various methods to post longer videos as status. We recommend using the Official app with a status splitter as this would be supported for a long time. But unofficial support can drop at any time.

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