3 Ways to Restore GBWhatsApp From SD Card


GBWhatsApp has become one of the most wanted apps for its users. It helps in messaging and interacting with other people and provides an end number of benefits. But due to poor management by users, there is the probability of not having a history of chats and data. To overcome these problems everyone should do backup. It is important at times when by mistake something happens then to recover data backup is the only option.


3 Ways to Restore GBWhatsApp From SD Card

So once the user knows how to backup he can easily restore GBWhatsApp from the sd card.

Ways to Restore GBWhatsApp From an SD Card Are:

First Method:

Firstly one should have done a GBWhatsApp backup. And that backup should be done on an sd card, not on google drive. Should also see that we had enough space in the sd card. Download and install the GBWhatsApp application.

Step 1. Open the GBWhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2. Go to the menu and click the 3 dots.

Step 3. Click on settings – chats – chat backup to go to the backup option.open settings

Step 4. In the google drive setting section click backup up to google drive.

Step 5. Click never from the drop-down menu.tap never

Step 6. Again go to the chat backup menu and click backup.backup

Now the backup process will begin. You can check out the “how to back up chats to Google Drive section for more details.

To see backup we will need to go to sd card – GBWhatsApp – databases. The name of that backup file will be in msg store.DB.crypt14 this format with date and time.

Second Method:

Secondly, one should use MobileTrans to restore GBWhatsApp from an sd card.

One of the simplest ways to restore GbWhatsApp from an sd card. To initiate, open mobile trans click backup and restore – backup data and go to GBWhatsApp.backup data and go to GBWhatsApp

Step 1. Connect computer and phone.connect computer and phone

Step 2. Begin the backup,


* Tap on start and it will tell you how to backup in detail by popping up of the window.

* As soon as we see the window go to phone setting and start creating GBWhatsApp backup to phone local storage.

* Then login GBWhatsApp from the phone and restore GBWhatsApp data from the internal storage of the phone.begin backup

Step 3. Keep the phone connected till the backup is not completed.backup


Step 4. Restore the backup and locate the backup file.backup completed

Step 5. Wait till the restoration is completed.restore is completed

Mobile trans allows us to maintain the versions of our databases self-reliant on our device. It provides extra capabilities with the whole control over the GBWhatsApp data.

Third Method:

Thirdly, by using the software tenorshare ultdata that helps to restore GBWhatsApp from an sd card without backup,

Step 1. Download the app from the play store and connect your phone and computer and select Recover GBWhatsapp data.connect phone and pc

Step 2. Once the app detects your phone tap on start in the software to begin scanning.

Step 3. Now back up the data by signing in to GBWhatsApp.continue backup

Step 4. After this android recovery process will begin, once completed tap on the recover button. It can easily locate all the files.tap recover

In this way, we can restore GBWhatsApp without backup.


These are 3 ways to restore GbWhatsApp from an sd card. still, if we are not  able to restore it then we can rename the GBWhatsapp backup file and follow the below steps:

In the file manager utility selects my files – sd card – GBWhatsapp – database folder.

Then rename the file in the databases folder now GBWhatsapp can be restored from the sd card.


Where will the backup be stored?

The backup will be saved in the storage of your device in the Databasesas as encrypted files.

Can I save WhatsApp media on my SD Card?

Yes, you can. Transfer the media using fie manager, use a PC or change the WhatsApp default storage to an SD card.

How can I transfer my WhatsApp Chat History?

Take the backup of the old chats, you may find them in the database of your local storage.

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