How to Remove Forwarded Tags From WhatsApp


This application’s fundamental feature is sharing texts, photos, and videos on WhatsApp. Now, this media sharing can be so massive that maybe someone from one corner of the world has shared certain media with a friend and that friend has shared it with another person, and eventually, a user has received it from the other corner of the world just by forwarding.


Also, at times, we get various information that might be required to be given to another, so we just forward it. All those forwarded media is sent with a tag on the top of the media i.e. ‘forwarded’. This feature has been introduced by WhatsApp and a few of its mod applications including GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp has inbuilt privacy options which might let you share a message without a forward tag. But just in case you have installed and downloaded the GBWhatsApp application and you cannot find this option directly then you may follow the same process described below.

Steps To Remove Forwarded Tags From WhatsApp

Let us look at those steps in which we can remove the forwarded tag from WhatsApp media sharing.

  • If you want to forward any text message then you can select that particular message.
  • After that from the top of your screen, click on the three-dotted icon.
  • Now from the drop-down menu click on copy.copy
  • After that go back to your WhatsApp home screen and from there select chat to whom you want to send that particular message.tap for few seconds
  • On opening it, click on the messaging tab present at the bottom of your screen, on the messaging tab press the blank step for a second, and an option will appear to paste.paste
  • Finally, click on it and your copied text will be posted there, eventually click on send.paste
  • If you want to forward any videos or pictures or files, then the only way you can remove the forward tag is to send such video or photo from your gallery itself or you can send such files from your store itself.

Alternative Option:

You can forward a message to anyone without a “Forward” label if you select a particular message, click on the “share” option available in the right corner of the chat window, and share it with the person you want to. In this way, the tag will not be visible and the message will be forwarded.



Reasons For Adding Tags to Forwarded Messages

The most vital reason for adding tags to forward in messages in the WhatsApp application is at times a lot of viral messages which contain missed information or spread viruses like Malware Or videos spreading defamatory videos, etc are spread like a fire through WhatsApp.


At that time it becomes really very difficult to even for the cybercrime to track down the actual person who was behind such media sharing. The forwarded tag will help the cybercrime branches to a certain extent in actually understanding that this message has been forwarded. Other reasons are that the person receiving a forwarded message will know that such message has been forwarded from someone,  etc.


It goes without saying how vast and fast is the WhatsApp application. Your one forward can reach other corners of the world within minutes. So always be cautious while forwarding any media. The steps described above can feel a bit irritating sometimes but it is the only option for you to get rid of such tags.

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