How to Remove Ads from GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is the most popular messaging application and it is the mod version of WhatsApp but this app is not available on the play store like other messaging applications so you have to download it from APK. Mostly apps that are not downloaded directly from the play store gives popping ad, which is really irritating to all of us.


Although people are installing the latest version on GBWhatsapp due to its commendable features like you can change the color icon or stop others from adding you to an unnecessary group but the ads are still one of the major drawbacks. We can stop these binging apps to appear again and again on our phone screens. Yes, GBWhatsApp also provides this feature to remove or block ads.

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Steps to Get Rid of Ads on GBWhatsApp:

* Open browser application on your phone

* Visit GBWA.XYZ site

* Open the WhatsApp menu

* Search and download the GBWhatsApp application and wait for a few seconds

* Open GBWhatsApp APK after downloading it

* Then install the update on the GBWhatsApp application

* Wait for the process of installing and replacing the application


How to Stop these Ads in GBWhatsApp?

By following these steps we can stop or block ads on GBWhatsApp:

* Open chrome

* Click on 3 dots and then go to settings


* Then scroll down to site settings

* Now search for 2 key settings: ‘Pop-ups and redirect’ and ads

* Tap on each till the text says pop-ups and ads are blocked

Whatsapp does not give ads, these pop up comes from chrome or apps that are installed through apk files. Removing these ads or blocking them is now an easy process and through that, we can stop them and get ad-free GBWhatsApp.

Alternative Ways:

There are other 2 ways to stop ads on GBWhatsApp:

  1. We can use an ad blocker app to avoid these apps. We can download this app from the play store and stop ads with the help of this ‘ad blocker’ app.


2. By using an old version of GBWhatsApp and not updating the app we can avoid these ads. This will also be helpful in avoiding the ads and also turn off automatic updates. As these apps can sometimes update themselves automatically so we should turn automatic updates off so that they cannot update themselves.


GBWhatsApp is a third-party app and is downloaded from a browser so it’s obvious that ads will pop up but these can be stopped or blocked so that they do not appear on our phones again and again. We can stop them through the steps and ways given above. These will be so helpful to everyone who is using the app and it is so easy to block or remove them. Also, you can see more things about GBWhatsApp on

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