Audio & Video Calls Recordings in GBWhatsApp


In this day and age, Video Calling has become an integral part of life. Voice Calls are not also far behind. Be it for office work or for connecting with loved ones, you use the Video and Audio Calling feature on GBWhatsapp.


The calls are made easier with the GBWhatsApp application due to its excellent video and audio quality. It has also become fun as one can easily change the voice during the calls. But sometimes, we might need to record calls for whatever reason. We have gathered a few methods you can use to record your calls.

record calls

How to Record Audio & Video Calls in GBWhatsApp?

1. Download a GBWhatsApp Call Recorder

There are various apps available, One of those apps is “Record GBWhatsApp calls.” This app is one of the best among all available apps. This app is very nice as the User Interface and the functionality is very easy and straightforward. The recording would be saved to the Storage, this has also the functionality to save it to your Google Drive.

Here is how can set up the app-

  •  First, Download the app.
  • After installing the app, grant all the permissions
  • Now run the app whenever you are attending a call if it does not start automatically.
  • The call should be saved to your storage without any problems.

WhatsApp call recorder

2. Using Screen Recorder

You can also use a screen recorder to record a video call, but the audio might be a little bad. You can switch the input to the mic and put the call on loud to record the voice of the other side. Your stock screen recorder or any other screen recorder can be used, just switch the input to the microphone.


screen recorder

Note: If your GBWhatsApp call is not working properly, you can click here and check this section.

3.Using Apps, not on PlayStore

There are also some apps that are not available on Playstore but provide the same functionality. One of these apps is Messenger Call Recorder. In order to install this app, you need to download and install the apk file.


Keep in mind, that using these apps can be risky and your data can be at risk. So, proceed after knowing the risks.

Here is how to setup Messenger Call Recorder

  • Download the apk file from the site.
  • Install the app (If the permissions are not set up, allow to install from a browser)
  • Now Open the App
  • Allow the Accessibility Settings.
  • Grant all the necessary permissions.

messenger call recorder

Now you will be able to record all the audio and video calls on Whatsapp. The Calls will now be automatically recorded.


These were some methods to record Video Calls and Audio calls on WhatsApp. These methods work for regular WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp. And this proves that nothing is impossible in 2022. We have solutions for every problem we face.

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