How to Recover & Read Deleted Messages on GB WhatsApp


This WhatsApp mod has grown due to its amazing features. You can even read & recover the deleted or revoked messages send to you by any user. This Anti-revoke feature is one of the best attributes GB WhatsApp offers. The meaning of anti-revoke is that you can still see the messages deleted by the sender.



Whereas, the drawback of the original messenger is that the receiver gets to know that you have deleted any message. But GBWhatsApp has the functionality to read the deleted message. This app is also available for iOS users. As this app is a third-party app, you can’t get it on Google Play Store. Also, there is no guarantee of privacy of your data. WhatsApp can also ban your account permanently for using any of its clone apps.


Pre Requisites to Enable Anti Revoke

You can only enable this function using a modified version of WhatsApp. It offers several advanced privacy functions and is safe to use on your Android device. The most widely used clone with this functionality is GBWhatsApp. Also, you need to timely update GBWhatsApp to get its latest version, if you’re still using Old versions of GB WhatsApp.

Steps to Read GBWhatsApp Deleted Messages

You can easily read the messages that are deleted by the sender on GBWhatsApp.

Step#1: Open the conversation screen of GBWA.


Step#2: Next, click on the Three-Dot menu.

Step#3: Then, in the Settings tab click on the Privacy option.


GB WhatsApp Three Dot Menu

Step#4: In the Privacy Tab, tap on the “Enable Anti-Revoke” feature.

Enable Anti Revoke Feature

Step#5: The app will restart automatically and the app enables the feature.

Now, the app will show the deleted messages that the sender has deleted after sending.

Final Words

Hence, you can read deleted messages on GB WhatsApp by the anti-revoke feature. Currently, this feature is available only in this mod application & not on the official app. You can use this guide for any Android device.

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