How to Mute/Unmute Status on WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp


The Status feature on WhatsApp is no doubt very interesting, innovative, and among the reasons people use WhatsApp. It keeps us updated about the lives of our contacts. But this can get annoying sometimes and you might want to avoid the statuses of certain people. Now you can. Be a part of the journey as we learn about muting and unmuting Statuses on WhatsApp.


How to Mute/Unmute Status on WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

What is Muting Status?

Muting a status means you would no longer see a dot next to the status tab whenever they post a status. Furthermore, you will not see their status like everybody else’s status. The Status would appear at the end of your list under a dropdown option named ”Muted Statuses.”

mute unmute status


How to Mute a Status?

To mute a Status, you have to follow these steps-

For Android

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the Status Section
  • Touch and hold the Status you want to mute
  • Now Mute the Status

mute status

For iOS Devices

For iPhones, the method is more or less the same.

  • At first open WhatsApp
  • Now from the bottom bar navigate to the Status section.
  • Now just like in android hold on to the person’s Status, you want to mute it.

mute status

For GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp which works similar to them later. The difference is the immense features it has like It read the deleted message, contacts online toast, hiding chats, etc. This is the reason why people prefer installing GBWhatsApp. The method for GBWhatsApp is the same as Android.


But be aware of the risks associated with your data and money(if you use the payments feature) if you use GB WhatsApp.

How to Unmute Statuses on WhatsApp

Follow the instructions below if you want to unmute a status on WhatsApp.


For Android

After opening WhatsApp on your android follow these steps-

  • Navigate to the Status Section

mute status

  • Scroll down and expand “Muted Statuses.”


  • Touch and hold on to the person you want to unmute and unmute them.
Note – You won’t be able to unmute a person if they have not posted a status recently.

For iOS

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and follow the steps below-

  • From the bottom, the bar goes to Status Scroll all the way to the bottom and expand the muted Statuses section.
  • Hold on to the status you want to unmute and unmute the person.

unmute status

Note – Just like in Android you can’t unmute a person if they have not posted a Status yet.


We discussed how to mute and unmute a specific chat across platforms and also on GBWhatsApp. Now follow the steps properly and mute/unmute anyone’s status. The person will not get any notification that you have muted or unmuted their status. So, it’s a great option to go for.

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