5 Best Ways to Make Money With GBWhatsApp


Some people are amazed to know how money could be earned from GBWhaysApp. Communication applications like GbWhatsApp are not merely confined to entertainment, they play a huge role in making money.


This app is used by infinite users globally. As it is so popular and has millions of customers, surely it has many financial benefits. It has its own unique ways of earning money along with interesting features like changing the wallpaper and changing fonts.

In this article, you will find some ways of making money through GBWhatsApp.

Given Below are the Ways to Make Money With GbWhatsApp:how to make money with GBWhatsApp

One of the easiest and simple ways of earning money. Small URLs are only short links that provide an approach to a website or we can say they are the only mini version of long links that gives access to the website. You can also try this method on FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

short link allocation

What we have to do is just simply select that link and paste the same on our GBWhatsapp status, or send it to GBWhatsapp contacts, now whenever the people will try to open that link ads will display before the page opens. In this way, you can earn money on GBWhatsApp through short links.

marketing with the help of link

It is one of the finest ways of creating money online. It includes product marketing with the help of links. With our shared links, if someone buys any products, then each time we get paid. What we have to do is to just simply copy links of products we need and blend them into our GBWhatsApp status, groups, contacts, or by making broadcast lists. You can also hide status and hide chat as well if you don’t want some people to use the link.


Now whenever people purchases product using our link we get paid. In this way, we can earn money. For instance, if we are having a group of 300-400 people on GBWhatsApp and from them if 20-25 people purchases from the given link then we can make a good amount of money per day. To avoid losing any interactions with contacts, you should take GBWhatsApp backup to Google Drive, and then you can restore GBWhatsApp data from there too.

3. Renumarate on each download:

pay per download

It sounds interesting as one gets paid per download. Here one uploads files like games, music, videos, pictures, etc to these websites and hence gets paid. Definitely, it’s amazing, as soon as one downloads these files they will get ads, and surveys. After completing the survey and viewing the ads only one can download the required files. With GBWhatsApp you can share large files as well so earning by sharing files becomes easy.


A person who wants to make money through this method can join various GBWhatsApp groups and increase connections and earn money. The link shared by you is downloaded by any person in that group where you shared the link then the ads or survey will appear and after viewing it only one can start downloading. You can also send disappearing messages if the link is only for a limited time.

4. Increase Website Traffic:

expand blogging traffic

Increasing website traffic is the best way to make money online. But for making money through blogging we have to increase the traffic. One of the best ways to increase the number of viewers for our blog is GBWhatsApp. It helps to drive traffic to our blog. As soon as a new blog is created then one can share the link of that blog on the GBWhatsApp groups. More and more people read the blog, and the more we get paid. To get quick results, you can see who is online and send links to those people first.

5. GBWhatsApp for business :WhatsApp Business

It’s strange but many people are paid for encouraging business on GBWhatsApp. For promotion, we have to join many WhatsApp business groups with a lot of members in it. Now we could use various platforms like social media, forums, etc to advertise yourselves.

For example: If you have 2000 members in the GBWhatsApp group if anyone wants to reach them, they can contact you. Now once you get customers what you have to do is just present your products or services to your GBWhatsApp group members.

Tip: If you will have a large contact list in GBWhatsApp, you will have more chances of making more money.


So Directly we can’t make money through WhatsApp but there is a variety of ways available to make money with Whatsapp so above mentioned four ways are best out of various other available ways one can earn money by sitting at home premises itself. One can choose any method but should remain consistent with it to get satisfactory results.

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