How to Fix Someone’s Last Seen Not Updating on WhatsApp


There are a variety of amazing characteristics and components of GBWhatsApp which makes it sensational and authentic. One of its best features is the last seen feature. It helps us to check when that person was last time active. 


Apart from the interesting features like changing your voice during calls, and forwarding messages to more than 5 people at once, hiding your online status, changing home screen wallpaper, GbWhatsApp helps us to know about the users, we can easily stalk them. but sometimes the last seen option in GBWhatsApp doesn’t get updated. it seems like due to technical issues but there may be some other reasons due to which last seen may not get updated.

Ways to Fix Someone’s Last Seen Not Updating on Whatsapp:

By Updating GBWhatsApp:

It keeps updating itself to add new and exciting features to it. So one should always update GBWhatsApp from time to time to remain updated. When our WhatsApp is not updated then too this last seen function may not work. Sometimes this update option may not be the solution to the last seem problem. But many times this outdated version is the problem. So we should update the app from time to time. 


And if you face a problem with GBWhatsApp then you may refer to why GBWhatsApp not working section for a better solution. 

Check Server Status:

Sometimes, the GBWhatsApp server might get down due to maintenance purposes. And in such case, you will not be able to use its features which might include not being able to see the last seen. If you do not understand the server issues, you may download the server detecting applications available on the google play store. 

By Updating Last Seen :

Last seen status can help to check other person’s last seen. if someone has turned off his last seen then no one can see it. if you have turned off you’re last seen then you won’t be able to see the other person last seen if you are unable to see someone last seen then check yous last seen option from privacy in settings. Here’s how we can check:

  • Go to WhatsApp, on the right corner three dots are available click on them.
  • From the available options click on settings.
  • Then click on the account option and select privacy.for android
  • Then the last seen option will be an available tap on it and see that it is set to everyone or my contacts.set to nobody

If it will be set to nobody then you will be not able to see the last seen. 

By Restarting Your Phone:

Sometimes our phone starts hanging it may be due to storage problems. There are big files or apps that consume a lot of space, and hence the apps might not work properly. One should uninstall it or delete it so that it may function normally. Other problems can also come like network or connection problems, storage problems, or technical issues due to this problem only WhatsApp is unable to update its last seen. To overcome such a problem one should once restart or reboot the phone.restart the phone


By Using WI-Fi:

One other way is to switch to wifi instead of a mobile network. These technical issues can also make it difficult to see the last seen. So one should once try to switch to wifi if it’s becoming difficult to see the last seen status of the desired individual.using wifi

Why Am I Not Able to See Somebody’s Last Seen?

You might not be able to see somebody’s last seen because of the following reasons;

  • You are not part of their contact list. 
  • They might have blocked you.
  • They have set their privacy of last seen to “nobody”.

You can also hide your last seen if you do not want anyone to interrupt your privacy. You can do this by downloading and installing GBWhatsApp on your device.


So these are some ways by which we can fix someone last seen not updating on GBWhatsApp. Mentioned above are some easiest ways which will definitely work. One of the other ways will surely help the users to solve this problem.

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