How to Know if Your WhatsApp Is Monitored by Someone?


Even though GBWhatsApp is a trusted app but like all the application that uses internet connectivity to run the application have some risk of data security or hacking.


If you see some changes in WhatsApp conversations that are not done by you, then it could be prudent that your WhatsApp is monitored by someone else. The developers are updating every version with improved security measures.


There are still some ways through which someone can monitor your GBWhatsApp account. Although it is not possible from WhatsApp to use two accounts with GBWhatsApp it is possible to use two accounts on the same device. Hence, it is easy for someone to spy on your online activities. Here are some signs you can notice and know if your account is monitored by someone.


Know if Your Whatsapp is Monitored by Someone?

  • Background Noise Disturbance

If the person is using a third-party spying app to access your data, then sometimes it creates background noise disturbance during the phone calls. Even your phone calls can get recorded. So, if you get any noise disturbance on the call, then be alert, can install anti-spying apps.

  • Mobile Phone Overheats

The heating up of the phones is a common issue when large-size applications run in the background. In some cases, mobile phones get heated up in the absence of heavy application. This is also one of the signs of hacking as spyware in your device can rise up the temperature of mobile phone overheat

  • Sudden Data Usage Increment

Spyware on the user’s device collects the data and information and transfers it to the hacker. This is where your data is being used. To send the information and data to the hacker, spyware uses your mobile phone data that causes a sudden increase in consumption of mobile data.

  • Faster Battery Drainage

The easiest way to find out about spyware on your device is sudden drainage of your mobile phone’s battery. Apps used by hackers to spy and hack the data consume an unusual amount of battery. So, be alert if you notice faster drainage of the battery on your device.

These are the most common signs to recognize any hacking or spying of your personal data. Hackers use various means to access your account to monitor your activity and fetch your data.

Some other signs may include:

  • Hanging of the device or the GBWhatsApp application.
  • Your device may be leg while you operate it.

The Mediums Through Which Hackers Can Get Access to GbWhatsapp Chats and Calls:

  • Access to Your Registered GBWhatsapp Mobile Number

To open the GBWhatsApp account, users first need to register themselves with their respective phone numbers just after the app installation. This is only a one-time process. After that, users can access their account using wifi or mobile data in the absence of their sim card. This is where the hackers gain an advantage.

If hackers are able to get your sim card, they can easily get access to the personal details of the GBWhatsApp account.

  • Using Spyware or Third-Party Apps

Spyware is malicious software that monitors users’ activity, steals their personal data of users, and transfers it to a third party without seeking the user’s permission. Hackers can also use third-party applications to monitor your activity. There are many apps in the market that can spy, steal and transfer the data to the person who is trying to get access to your account.spyware

  • Stealing Backup Files

Every application stores backup data in the device they are installed. It is easy to transfer backup data through various means like Bluetooth, cloud storage, sd cards, etc. later, the hackers can retrieve the transferred data using different software. Users must keep their backup data protected in order to save themselves from hacking or monitoring.stealing backup files

  • GBWhatsApp Web Application

GBWhatsApp web application is a way for users to open their WhatsApp account on their pc (Mac or Windows). Users just need to scan a QR code and they can enjoy GBWhatsApp on pc.


Unfortunately, the GBWhatsApp web application is the most common way hackers use to hack your data. They are experts in hacking QR codes by which they monitor your activity and can retrieve your private data.web application

Users always need to be cautious and be watchful for notifications as whenever someone login using the GBWhatsApp web application, the user gets a notification. Sometimes notifications can get missed. In that case, users can manually check all the devices on which their account is logged in.

To check the list of logged-in devices, follow the following steps:-

Step1. Open the GBWhatsApp account on the mobile phone.

Step2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen. You will see a drop-down menu after you click.

Step3. Now click on the linked devices option. Here the list of all the linked devices will appear.linked devices

If you see any device which is not recognized by you, that means your GBWhatsApp account is accessed by someone else. To secure your account, you can manually log out of that device from your account.

Pro Tip:- The best way to secure your GBWhatsApp account is to activate a two-step verification of your account by linking your email account to your GBWhatsApp account and not installing random applications from unknown sources.

Knowing if your GBWhatsApp is being Monitored

You may check the following things to know if your GBWhatsApp is being monitored:

  • You must check if GBWhatsApp sends notifications of some changes in the application.
  • You must check if the contact information is unchanged. You can also check the hidden contact list if any.
  • You should check if you have received or sent any messages from an unknown person.
  • You may check if any devices are linked to your GbWhatsApp web.
Warning: If you are using GBWHatsApp for Web, make sure to log out because it is easy to read your messages from there.


GBWhatsApp is a secured modded version of WhatsApp messenger developed with additional security measures. However, it is nearly impossible to protect the user’s account from being monitored completely. Therefore, users must be aware of all the measures that can be used to secure their private data.

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