How to Keep Your Name Invisible on WhatsApp


GBWhatsApp introduces new features and tricks every now and then which almost leaves us surprised. WhatsApp is all about the privacy and security that one wants. We get connected to many people and can share our messages, documents, and media, and we can send and receive money also.


We also want to maintain our privacy like to keep our name confidential or don’t want to show our name to unknown people and want to keep our name hidden or invisible so WhatsApp has bought a new trick to keep your name invisible.

With the meta version, GBWhatsApp will not allow you to hide your name or make it invisible but now with this trick. Like its other features including Do not disturb mode or changing the color of the WhatsApp icon, it cannot be done directly.

You need to make changes through settings. If someone adds you to a chatting group or stalks your profile after saving your name in their list they will not be able to see your name, just a blank space will be shown. This is the best trick ever one can use to hide their name and with this, their privacy is also maintained.



Note: Reset GBWhatsApp settings if it is not as per the requirements.

Tricks to Keep the Name Invisible

First Trick:

We can now our names invisible on WhatsApp by following some steps.

  • Open GBWhatsApp on your phone or laptop
  • Then go to settings
  • Tap on the profile picture and tap on the pencil icon shown beside the name

tap on pencil icon

  • Copy these two symbols: Symbols: ⇨ ຸ
  •  Paste it on the pencil icon after tapping it.paste it on pencil icon
  • Remove the arrow symbol i.e. (⇨ ) and tap on the save to change your name

remove the arrow symbol

  • Now your name will be blank or it will not be visible to other people except for your contacts.

blank name Whatsapp


Second Trick:

This is similar to the first trick. You have to follow the same steps given above but instead of copying the 2 symbols you just have to copy: ( )

This might look like the name is invisible between the brackets but there isn’t anything. This trick might confuse people that there is some WhatsApp glitch, but it’s just a trick to make them fool with your name.

After this follow the same steps of copying and pasting and here you are done.


WhatsApp is used by millions of users and it is an instant messaging app that has worldwide users. WhatsApp is adding several new useful features for its users and somehow making our work easier. These tips and tricks are for both android and ios users and can be used for phones and WhatsApp webs. So both the users can enjoy this.

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