Is GB WhatsApp Safe? Read Facts To Avoid Risk!


Is GB WhatsApp safe? It is a clone version of a well-known messaging application ‘WhatsApp’. GB WhatsApp provides more amazing features than WhatsApp. It has an anti ban features, so it is safe to use. Currently, advanced chatting apps with updated features are trending. Users are admiring these alternative mods more than the official app. Due to which people are switching to GB WhatsApp without knowing if it’s safe or not.


Why People Use GB WhatsApp?

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GB WhatsApp has raised its popularity among Android users. Millions of users are downloading this alternative application daily to experience its updated features.


GB WhatsApp gives you advantages like hiding your last seen, auto-reply, download your contact’s status directly, hide read receipt, chat back up to Google Drive, get access without app installation, etc. In short, this alternative application is providing resources that are limited by the official WhatsApp.

NOTE:- Modified (MOD) apps are the improved unofficial version of the official android applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. They’re customized by the third-party server with pro updates that are limited in the original WhatsApp

Why is GB WhatsApp Unavailable On Play Store?

Google Play Store has a security checklist that the application needs to pass verifying that the app is safe to use. This modified unofficial version of WhatsApp is not on the play store as it doesn’t verify the security checklist to be in the official store. This application uses source codes from the original WhatsApp but uses them without a permit.

Source code broken may cause contacts, personal conversation, and other content issues. Therefore, WhatsApp was warning people to not use the alternative app. This can intercept the user conversations and access their confidential data.

In simple words, the major risk is the unknown source and configuration of the modded apps. To illustrate, how they break the source code, how they confront different privacy features, or how long the app is going to last. All this is unknown and a question to the user’s data safety.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

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Knowing that the app is unofficial and not verified on the Play store, it’s very clear that the risk is high. Installing the app from any wrong site can cost you to lose your personal data. Also, there is a risk of being banned by the original WhatsApp.


Risk Factor in GB WhatsApp

Some highly-risky issues on using GB WhatsApp that can destroy your device and leak your confidential data. If you want to download GB WhatsApp on PC or Android, make sure you go through the risk factors.

Risk 1: User conversations are unsafe. It’s an unofficial app, not on the play store, and with no proof that your data will be safe and not pass through another server.

Risk 2: Since the app is not on the play store, you’ve to download it from an external site that may carry viruses and corrupt your device.


Risk 3: Such unofficial apps can only be downloaded from the web instead of the Google Play Store. So, you can face malicious ads that make downloading and updating hard.

Risk 4: Authorized WhatsApp warned users to not use GB WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp mods or else they’ll ban them anytime.

Avoid Risk Factor in GB WhatsApp

App claiming that they provide security is for the app verification. GB WhatsApp is not illegal so we can use it but, it’s downloaded from some unknown sources which can be risky. Here, are some points to avoid such risk factors on using GB WhatsApp-

  1. To avoid such disadvantages, you must download unofficial apps from a trusted site.
  2. If you’re fond of using GB WhatsApp and you want to continue using it then, most important thing-Don’t use GB WhatsApp as your confidential platform.
  3. Avoid keeping personal stuff or conversations in it. We can’t check the privacy of every app. so, it’s better to keep personal stuff out.
  4. Although it has Anti-Ban protection. This doesn’t work sometimes. So, it’s better to keep your mods app up-to-date.

How to Safely Download GB WhatsApp?

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GB WhatsApp is a modded version so, you can’t find it on Play Store. So, there is no specific way to safely download it. You’ve to download it from an external site that has a high risk of system damage. You never know if the application is having a virus or malware. So, it’s better to safely download such applications from a trustable site.

  1. Open the browser and search for ‘GB WhatsApp apk download’
  2. Download the app, search the folder in downloads.
  3. Go in the ‘Setting’ option and Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ before you continue installing.
  4. Once the application is installed, register it with your phone number.
  5. Set your profile picture and name and you’re ready to go!

Click on the Download button for a safe GB Whatsapp apk download.


On the whole, one thing is clear that GB WhatsApp can be a risk if you’re incautious. Every official application, if it’s passing through a strong security check or claiming to be safe and secure, you just can’t see through it. Whether it’s official or unofficial, you should keep your confidential data out from such space. It’s better to check applications, reviews before installing. Get updated with the changes so, as to protect your system from a ban. For modded apps like GB WhatsApp, it’s better to download from an officially reliable source to avoid viruses and malware in your system.


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