How Do You Find if Your Device Is Compatible With GBWhatsApp


GB WhatsApp has become very popular among people lately. Many people are now using it rather than using the original WhatsApp application. 

The GB WhatsApp application’s popularity is increasing daily because of its exciting features, from sending messages to a vast number of people at a time or sending more than 30 pictures to people. Sending large files over the original WhatsApp application has always been an issue.WhatsApp

However, all these sorts of problems are not there in the GBWhatsApp application. As already stated earlier, many people are choosing the GBWhatsApp application over the original WhatsApp application because of its fabulous features like downloading view once the images, viewing the status without letting them know, changing voice on WhatsApp calls, etc. Now, are all devices compatible with the GBWhatsApp? Come on, let us find out further in this article!

Find if Your Device Is Compatible With GB WhatsApp

The GBWhatsApp application might have the basic features same as the original WhatsApp application, however, the application software differs from the original WhatsApp application. Now we have two kinds of popular mobile operating systems; one being Android and the other being the iPhone operating system or known as iOS.


Let us find out if these operating systems are compatible with the GBWhatsApp application or not. 

1. Android

It is observed that the GBWhatsApp application is more or less compatible with the Android operating system. In an android operating system, one must have a USB debugging feature to run the GBWhatsApp application properly.

The USB debugging feature means that in the device’s settings one has to allow the device to install applications from an unknown source. It is required because the GBWhatsApp application is not available in Google Play Store, it has to be downloaded and install for android easily.



In order to make your Android device compatible with the GBWhatsApp application, your Android version must be 4.3 and above. However, irrespective of the fact that whether your android device is rooted or not, the GB WhatsApp application will run in it.

2. iPhone

The compatibility of the GBWhatsApp application on your iPhone is not as smooth as compared to Android. Most of the time it has been observed that the GBWhatsApp application is not compatible with the iPhone device. It is so because of the extreme security present in this operating system.


Even the GBWhatsApp application is not available on the app store therefore a user who needs to download the application on their iPhone has to install it through the apk version of GB WhatsApp for iPhone. However, installing from an unknown source is not easily permissible on an iPhone.



But one need not worry. There are some websites like u that have lately enabled compatibility on an iOS device. There is a particular website that only contains GBWhatsApp APK files, if from there one can install that apk version on their iPhone then they can use the GBWhatsApp application. From iPhone S6 to iPhone Pro Max every model is believed to be compatible with this version of GBWhatsApp. 


After going through the article, you might have now understood that compatibility between the GBWhatsApp and Android is quite flexible. However, it is generally not compatible with iOS devices except in some cases. But there are still some ways which may help you use this third-party application on your devices. 

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