How to Use GBWhatsApp & How does it Works?


This is a modified version of WhatsApp that has way more extra features than the official version. It’s a good alternative to WhatsApp and learning how to use it is no brainer, as we all have prior experience of operating WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp contains a list of extra features that are not visible in the original WhatsApp application. It has a high number of active users due to its user-friendly interface.


How to use GB WhatsApp


After you download and install the app on your Android or any other device, login to the app by typing your phone number, name and other details. Then follow these steps on how to use it. For accessing this mod app on PC, you need to get an Android emulator.

How to Use GB WhatsApp

Main Screen

On main screen you will find 4 tabs namely camera, chats, Status and Calls.


GB WhatsApp main screen


  • You can click pictures using camera.
  • You can directly send these captured photos to your friends or upload those those photos as your status.
  • By clicking on this icon, you can also search and upload a photo directly from your phone gallery.


  • In the chats section you can see the previous conversations that you were a part of. You can click on any one of those names to continue the conversation’s or if you want you can start a new conversion by clicking on the ‘+’ sign and selecting a contact from your contact list.
  • After opening any new or existing conversation, we just have to click on the text box at the bottom. It will open our keyboard and we will be able to type our message. You can send it just by clicking the ‘paper plane’ button.
  • If you don’t type anything then you get a microphone icon in place of send button. You can press and hold that button to record your voice message and leave it to send it automatically.
  • If you explore the text box a bit, you will also be able to send stickers, emojis and GIFs.

GB WhatsApp Chats




  • If you swipe left on the main page then you will be able see the status tab.
  • Status is basically a feature which allows you to set a photo or a video with a 24hr timer.
  • You get the option to decide whether who all see your status, and hide your status from others.
  • Once you go to the status page, you will see a My Status option with which you can click a photo or record a video of anything you would love to upload.
  • On this same page you can also see the statuses of your contacts
  • Finally, you can use a ‘pencil-shaped’ icon in case you feel like writing a text as your status.Gb WhatsApp Status


  • If you swipe left on the status screen then you can see your voice call and video call history
  • In this tab, we will come across all options to make audio and video calls.
  • To start a new call, click on the bottom right icon of call with a + symbol, and you will be directed to the contact list.
  • Search for the name and depending on the type of call you want to make, just click on the corresponding option.WhatsApp Video Call


  • On the top right corner of the GB WhatsApp’s interface, you will find 3 horizontal dots. By clicking on it a menu with different options will appear.
  • The settings contains majority of the features that this Mod version offers to us.
  • You will find a variety of options that is responsible for multiple aspects of the application here-  GBWhatsApp Settings
  1. Privacy & Security: we can freeze our last seen, choose to hide our blue ticks in private or group conversations, recover the deleted messages, decide on who can call us, not let your contacts know that you’ve seen their status and many more things that are related to privacy.
  2. Add-on: On clicking this option, you will be directed to an online link that has a fun collection of stickers and wallpapers. You can download and add these stickers.
  3. Updates: This section is to check for all the latest updates in the app, or any newer version that fixes any privacy or feature-related issues.
  4. Themes: Here, we can switch from our boring WhatsApp interface to a much aesthetic one by choosing any theme from an option of over 4000 different themes.
  5. Universal: Here we can modify different aspects, by making changes to the most intricate details. You can change colours, icons, fonts and backup chats to Google Drive.
  6. Home Screen: Here you will find all the settings relative to the app’s home screen like words, list of chats, statuses and calls.
  7. Widgets: We can also modify the widget, that displays the App’s notification on the phone screen.


Now that we know the steps on How to use GB WhatsApp and make the most of its functions, it is important to remember that it has many more exciting features, that can be utilized for easy functionality. So go ahead, and don’t stop yourself from exploring all the GB WhatsApp tricks in your free time to know more about its various features that are not there in the traditional WhatsApp.

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