How to Send More Than 30 Photos on WhatsApp


Sharing media on WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the fundamental and notable features of WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, it has become easier to send photos across countries or continents or just from the next room. Whenever anyone goes out and has clicked multiple pictures they just say WhatsApp it.


The tiring and time-consuming Bluetooth sharing has seen its dawn. However, WhatsApp bars its users from sending more than 30 pictures at once. It is quite annoying at times because we might have a lot of pictures to share, and every time after sending 30 photos, one has to again repeat the process. Sometimes, we lose track of which picture we had sent last and it creates confusion while selecting the next set of 30 photos. How can we overcome this problem?


This problem is not faced by the GBWhatsApp users because it lets its users share more than 30 photos and long videos as its basic setting facility. If you are not willing to follow the below procedure then you can install GBWhatsApp. It can be installed as GBWhtasApp for iOS, or even the GBWhatsApp for pc. Now read below for another option.


How to Send Unlimited Photos?

Here are some of the ways in which you can send unlimited photos through WhatsApp.

  • You can upload the photos which are required to be sent through WhatsApp on your Google Drive account. After that, share the folder which contains all such features with the concerned person.

google drive

  • You can create a Zip file of the photos which are required to be sent and then share it as a document.

zip file




  • From google photos, you can share links.

share link

  • iOS users can use their iCloud storage link to share their photos.


  • One can also use Dropbox to send a huge number of photos.

drop box

  • One can also install third-party applications.

third party apps

  • You can send more than 30 photos via GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and mod versions like these, but there will still be a bar to it.


It is therefore not impossible to send more than 30 photos over WhatsApp. You can send it in various ways as mentioned above. Creating an album or link and sharing it to a particular chat or group is the best way of sharing as many as photos you want.


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