How To Forward A Message To More Than 5 Groups On WhatsApp


We all know, The WhatsApp messenger app has put restrictions on forwarding a message to more than 5 people or groups. The restriction has been rolled out to stop fake messages. Although, those who want to forward some necessary messages to a bigger group of people or more than 5 groups, find it difficult to communicate using WhatsApp. But no need to worry. Whatsapp


How To Forward A Message To More Than 5 Groups On WhatsApp

You can either create a broadcast list or use GBWhatsApp for this purpose.

  • Broadcast List Feature

To use this feature, first ensure that all the WhatsApp registered numbers to whom you want forward the message is saved in the phonebook. Otherwise, you will not be able to forward the message to the person whose Whatsapp registered number is not saved on your phone. At one time, you can forward a message to 256 people. So make sure all the necessary contacts are saved or not.


After Saving All The Mobile Numbers, Follow The Steps Below:-

Step1. Open the Whatsapp account on your phone

Step2. Open settings by clicking 3 vertical dots from the top right corner of the screen.

Step3. A drop-down setting menu will appear. Click new broadcast from that drop-down broadcast

Step4. Now select all the contact and make a list of whom you want to forward a contact for making list

Step5. After selecting all the contacts, click on the green check option button from the right corner of the screen.

Now your broadcast list is ready. The broadcast list will be seen as a new chat containing all the people who you want to forward a message. Now send forwarded messages in that list chat and your message will be delivered to all the contacts listed on the broadcast list.

If You Are An iOS User, Then Follow The Below Steps:-


Step1. Open the WhatsApp account on your iPhone and click on the chats tab from the bottom of the screen.

Step2. From the upper right corner, click on the broadcast list option.

Step3. Now make a list of all the contacts to whom you want forward a message by checking boxes placed right next to your contacts.

Once you’re done, you can now forward messages to all the selected contacts at the same time.Forward WhatsApp message on iOS to more than 5 people

  • By Using A Third-Party Application Or Modded Version Of WhatsApp:

Another method to forward a message to more than 5 people or groups is by using a modded version of the Whatsapp messenger. In the market, there is various type of modded app for Whatsapp messenger like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, etc.

These modded versions not only help in forwarding messages to more than 5 people but also provide features that currently are not available in the WhatsApp app like changing the language, custom themes, contact online toast feature, tracking and reading someone’s messages and calls, and many more.

Here Are Steps To Forwarding Messages To More Than 5 Groups Using Third-Party Apps:-

Step1. Download and install GBWhatsApp or FM WhatsApp

Step2. Open the account by registering your mobile number and verifying the number by entering OTP (One Time Password). Now you can even get your account verified without the verification code.

Step3. Now open settings by clicking on 3 dots from the top right corner of the screen.

Step4. Now select the universal option.

Step5. A new list of options will appear. Enable the increase forward link option.

And it’s done. You can now forward a message to 250 people at once.


Now WhatsApp restriction on forwarding messages is not a problem.  We can use other features of WhatsApp and third-party applications to tackle the problem of restrictions on forwarding messages.

Solving issues of the WhatsApp messenger users is the priority of third-party developers. That is why people are now shifting to modded versions of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsapp and FM WhatsApp for additional unique features.

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