How to Change your Voice on WhatsApp


From basic texting to audio messages, audio calls to video calls, and recently money transaction has also been added to this application. It goes without saying that how every feature is useful to us. However, inquisitive minds always want to see whether those features can be used in a different way or not.


One such feature which many people want to use in a different way is changing their voice on audio calls or messages on WhatsApp. You may try GBWhatsApp for this purpose as it has a voice-changing feature during class. Also, the audio and video calls are considered safe in the app. Let us see further in the article, whether is it actually possible to change voice in WhatsApp or not and if yes then how?

Why Does one Want to Change their Voice on WhatsApp?

Generally, people do not desire to change their voice on WhatsApp, rather they want their voice to be very prominent.  However, a huge section of people desired to use the feature of audio calls or messages by changing their voice. Now, this leads to the question: why does one want to change their voice on WhatsApp?


voice change on WhatsApp

There are many reasons, and some of them have been mentioned below:

  • As we all know that WhatsApp is used by various age groups. A huge section of WhatsApp users belongs to teenagers, college-goers, etc. It is observed that for fun they want to experience their change of voice on audio calls or messages.
  • However old we grow, still a child remains with each one of us in our minds. And who doesn’t want to prank? A change of voice is a must-want for pranks.

There are many other reasons which also state why one wants to use the voice change feature on WhatsApp.

Voice Change Feature on WhatsApp

The voice change feature is not absolutely available on the WhatsApp application itself. The characteristics which we want in the voice change like changing our voice totally yet not available. However, with the latest update of WhatsApp certain interesting features have been added to audio messages of WhatsApp.

play back speed

In this update, the user can send audio messages and the receiver of such audio messages can be played at different speeds. For example, an audio message can now be played at 1.5 X level, 2x level, and the normal level.


How to Change Voice on WhatsApp

Multiple apps are available in Google Play Store or App Store and at other sites which help in changing the voice on WhatsApp audio calls or audio messages. A little talk about some of the applications which do so.

  • An application named FunCalls is a voice changer app that can be used during a WhatsApp call. One can add various animal sound effects and it also enables one to download the recording voice and they can share it with anyone. It is available more than Google play stores and app stores.

fun call

  • Call Voice Changer-Incall also helps to add several voice-changing effects while doing a WhatsApp call. However, it is only available in the app store on iOS.

call voice changer

  • Prank dial is one of the popular applications which is available both on the Google Play Store and the app store. One can use it during a WhatsApp call to change their voice.

prank dial

  • Voice changer with effects is another popular app where one can add various interesting effects to one’s voice before sending it to their friends or any other person.

voice changer with effect


There are various other applications available in the Google Play Store or App store which enables one to change their voice in WhatsApp. However, it is always advised that one should be very careful while linking any third-party apps to WhatsApp as at times it may lead to a breach of privacy. Having fun should not exceed privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Change my Voice From Male to Female or Vice-Versa?

Yes, you can change the voice from male to female and vice versa using any of the apps like Prank call or FunCalls.

2. Can I Add a Fake Background Sound in a Voice Call?

Yes, you can add a fake background voice in a WhatsApp voice call.

3. Can I Change My Voice During an Ongoing Voice Call?

Yes, you can change the voice during any ongoing voice call. Just install a voice-changing application and link it with your WhatsApp call.

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