How to Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos From Gallery


WhatsApp is a handy tool. It connects billions with its various features like sending Photos, Videos, and GIFs. But by default, those photos are saved to your Gallery and can be visible whenever you open your Gallery. You can change this!


We see a lot of messages coming from different people and it isn’t always good to have all the coming content flow to the Gallery app. So if you are unwilling to make much effort in hiding photos and videos from the gallery, try GBWhatsApp.

hide whatsapp Images from gallary



GBWhatsApp application is safe and has amazing features. You can lock the particular chat whose media is not supposed to be in the gallery of your mobile phone. When you will hide the chat, the media will not be visible in the gallery and you can be worry-free. Plus, you will be able to enjoy its different features like extracting the group contacts or adding stickers of your choice. The GBWhatsApp is available for Pc as well as for mobile and can download and installed easily.

Here are the steps you can follow if you are looking to hide images and videos of a particular chat or group from your phone gallery.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on and enter the desired Chat/Group
  • After entering, click on the name of the Chat/Group, which is on the top
  • You would be greeted with various options, including ‘Media Visibility.”’
  • Click on Media Visibility

media visiblity

  • Select No
  • Tap OK

From now on, new photos won’t be visible in your Gallery, from now on but older photos will remain in Gallery. To disable that as well, read this article further.


Another set of steps you can try through which you can hide the images and videos for all the chats in one go.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on in the top right
  • Tap on Settingstap on settings
  • Click on Chatsclick on chat
  • Locate Media visibilitymake it off
  • Toggle it off

New photos from Chats won’t be visible in Gallery anymore. Older Media would Still remain in Gallery that you can either choose to delete so that others may not be able to access it or download third-party apps where you can hide your files that are locked with a password.

How to Hide Older Media as Well as Upcoming Media-

This process is a little bit involving. You need to create a ‘.nomedia’ file.


Here’s how to do it-

  • Open My Files on your files
  • Go to the Phone storage or Internal Storage (names can vary by brand)

device storage

  • Search for WhatsApp Images and enter. Alternatively, you can also navigate to Android>com.whatsApp>WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Images>

whatsapp images

  • Now from the options, create a new folder named “.nomedia”


  • Now no Images would be visible in the Gallery.

You can also do this for videos; just go to WhatsApp Videos instead of WhatsApp Images. To see the Images/Videos again, just delete the “.nomedia” file.


Were you able to hide the images on your phone? Well, we have curated the guide after trying out each step so that you can immediately take the necessary action. So, this is how you hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery. You can also hide GIFs as well using the last method.

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