How to Hide Online Status, Last Seen & More in GBWhatsApp!


GBWhatsApp provides additional privacy features to users such as hide last seen, online status, and more, that currently are not available on the original WhatsApp application. These features are quite unique and privacy-oriented for users.


GBWhatsApp Privacy featuresGBWhatsApp, a mod version of the official WhatsApp is developed with updated features of WhatsApp in addition to many unique features like free theme collections, online notifier, unlimited stickers, send larger sizes of media, Forward messages to more than 5 people, and many more.

Inside the privacy setting of GBWhatsApp, users get various unique features they have not heard of before. Features like

  • Freeze last seen
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide typing status
  • Hide recording status
  • Customize a list of contact who can call you
  • Customize the privacy settings only for some specific contacts.

If you want all the updated and latest features without any bugs, update your GBWhatsApp to the latest version now.


Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp

Hide online in gb whatsapp

GBWhatsApp allows you to hide only your online status from your contacts without disabling your contact’s online status. Here are steps to hide your online status-

  1. Tap on three dots on the top.
  2. Go on the GB Settings option.
  3. Select the privacy and security option.
  4. Enable the option of “Hide Online Status”.

This will disable your online status from all.

Freeze Last Seen in GBWhatsApp

To freeze last seen means the person who checks on your online status will see the time before you disabled it.

  1. Click on the three dots from the top right corner of the screen. Freeze last seen
  2. Go to GB settings.
  3. Tap on the privacy and security option
  4. Enable the “Freeze Last Seen” option.

Once you tap on the freeze last seen option, your contacts will see the time you disabled your last seen. Suppose you disable your last seen at 12:00 Am, your contacts will see that time only, even if you’re online.


Disable Double Tick, Blue Ticks, Typing Status on GBWhatsApp

The Double Tick indicates the message received. If the other hand is online and got the message, it will show a double tick. With GBWhatsApp You can hide your double tick whenever you receive a message.

The Blue Tick feature indicates that the message is seen. You can also hide your blue tick. This will not show the other contacts that you’ve seen their message.

The Typing Status indicates that the other person is typing a message to send you. While chatting you can see the other person’s chatbox with ‘Typing…’. Hiding your typing status will disable your typing status from the other person’s chat screen.


To disable any of the three options, follow the below steps:-

    1. Tap on the three-dot given at the top right screen.
    2. Open the GB Settings.
    3. Go to the privacy and security option.
    4. Tap on ‘Contacts’ for all contacts and tap on ‘Groups’ for group settings.hide double tick and blue ticks on GbWhatsApp
    5. A box of 5 options will appear. Privacy settings for contacts
  1. Click on the options you want to disable.
  2. Restart your GBWhatsApp.

This will stop showing your double ticks, blue ticks, or typing status to the other person. You can also use these features on your PC but first, you have to install your GBWhatsApp application on your PC.

Customize the list of People Who can Call You

Users can customize their own list of contacts who call the user. Using this option you can disable someone from calling you without blocking them on GBWhatsApp.

  1. Open Your GBWhatsApp account.
  2. Tap on 3 dots from the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on GBSettings.
  4. Go to the privacy and security settings.
  5. Click on the “Who can call me?” option.Privacy settings on GBWhatsApp
  6. A list of 5 options will Settings on GBWhatsApp
  7. Select the option according to your need.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe?

Yes. The GBwhatsApp application is safe from all types of viruses and malware. Users can use the GBWhatsApp without any fear of ban from the original WhatsApp as the GBWhatsApp application has the anti-ban feature.

However, the GBWhatsApp is not available on the play store or the apple store, users need to download GBWhatsApp APK from websites which can be a little risky. Always try to download third-party apps from a trusted website only.

You can use a trusted website like to download GBWhatsApp and other moded apps of official WhatsApp messenger.

Wind Up

The original WhatsApp version doesn’t have such official features for WhatsApp privacy settings. But, GBWhatsApp features let users to hide their online status, last seen, and a lot more. Users can customize their online settings according to their choice.

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