How to Hide Contacts in GB WhatsApp Without Archive


GBWhatsApp, a mod version of the official WhatsApp is developed with the objective to provide extra privacy settings to the users that are not currently available on the official WhatsApp.  Now Using GbWhatsApp, users can hide contacts without achieving.


Hide Contacts on GB WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, the archive chat feature hides the selected chats into the archive folder and the user will not be able to see that chat on the main chat list. However, everyone who uses WhatsApp knows this feature and can easily access chats as WhatsApp does not provide any security for the archive folder.

There can be many reasons for hiding a contact number on Whatsapp. Either your chats are too private and sensitive for others to know about it or the phone is being shared by many people. Hence there can be many cases where leaving your chat open can be unsafe for you.


GBWhatsApp is developed with the intention to provide those features which are unique and not available on the WhatsApp official app such as hide online and typing status, the online notifier, free themes, unlimited stickers, forward messages to more than 5 chats, 60+languages, and more.  The best part about GBWhatsApp is that you can also use this mod version for PC too.


How to Hide Contact’s Chats on GB WhatsApp?

First, update the latest version of the GBWhatsApp app to use this feature. You can use website to download the latest version of app as well as other mods apps of the original WhatsApp. If you have the latest version of the app, then follow the steps below:-

  • Long press and select all the contact’s that you wish to hide.
  • After you select all the contacts, tap on the  cross eye icon that you see at the top toolbar. Hide contacts
  • You will need to put a lock pattern and contacts will become invisible from the remaining chat list after setting the pattern.
  • Now even if you search for a chat, it will not appear in the results.

To Gain Access to these Hidden Chats

You can unhide these chats following these steps-

  • Go to the main chat screen and click on the top left corner where WhatsApp is written in bold.Hide contacts in GBWhatsApp
  • Draw the security pattern you had entered earlier. You will then get access to the hidden contact lists.
  • You can also unhide the chats that you would like to see. Tap and hold those contacts, to highlight them.
  • Click the eye icon again. hide contact
  • Your contacts will start appearing.


GBWhatsApp is a solution for many users who need better privacy settings in their WhatsApp accounts. Now you can easily hide and unhide your chats with security in GB WhatsApp without achieving.

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