GS WhatsApp v2.8 APK Download 2022 (Updated)


GS WhatsApp APK is an enhanced version of the famous instant messaging application WhatsApp. Gaurav Sonawane and his team developed the application to provide the users with more functions but with a compact application. The abbreviation “GS” is taken from the developer’s name.


GSWhatsApp is of a smaller size when you compare other WhatsApp Mods in the market. If you want to enjoy all the features in the original version with some basic additional features, then this application would be a great choice. All types of privacy included – you can hide blue ticks, double ticks, typing indicator, status view, last seen, and much more.

The head name changer is a unique feature in this version. This will allow you to change the WhatsApp header name and add your name instead.


Gs whatsapp head name

GS Whatsapp 2.8 Apk Download Latest Version

Being a mod version, Google Play or any other app store does not list G WhatsApp and other mod versions. You must download an APK file from a secure and virus-free website such as

App NameGS WhatsApp
File Size22 MB
Last UpdatedToday

GS WhatsApp APK Download

Installation Guide

Before you download the file, make sure to follow these two steps we mentioned below so that you don’t face any issues during the installation process.

Step 1: Allow downloading from third-party websites. For that, open your android device settings -> select security -> permissions -> enable the “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources

Step 2: Create a backup of all your chats and media if you’re using an existing WhatsApp number. To do that, open the official WhatsApp menu by clicking on the 3 dots at the top-right corner -> settings -> chats -> chat backup -> tap on the backup button. It will save a copy of your data on Google Drive.

Step 3: Download the APK and install it on your phone.

Step 4: Open the app, enter your mobile number and verify it via OTP.OTP Verification

Step 5: Restore the WhatsApp data backup and enjoy all the new features.



Though GS WhatsApp is a compact file, the developers have tried to add all the basic privacy features and customization options any user would want in a WhatsApp Mod. We have provided some of the crucial functions below for your reference.

Privacy Mods

The developers of GS WhatsApp have incorporated some of the most basic privacy requirements of the users. You can change the online visibility to your preference. Update your settings and make yourself online forever or freeze the visibility to the last time you were online. The hide status view option will let you hide your name from the status view list. This means the user lists will not know that you have viewed their status.

Similarly, you can hide your last seen, typing or recording indicator, double tick, and blue microphone. The anti-revoke feature is also an amazing function that will let you read the deleted messages.


Bubble & Tick chooser

GS WhatsApp gives the users the option to change or modify the interface of the application. That includes the chat bubble and the message deliver ticks. You can change its size, shape, or color. There are up to 20 different styles of bubble and tick from which you can pick your favorite.

Status Mods

Whenever you upload a higher quality video and image as your status, the original version reduced the quality. GS WhatsApp lets you upload HD-quality images and videos on WhatsApp. Apart from that, you can share a longer duration of video as your WhatsApp status up to 15 minutes, and share status image size, which is up to 10 MB.

Image Mods

WhatsApp compresses the image quality when sent as a message. On GS WhatsApp, you can send an image of a higher quality and larger size up to 10 MB. The image resolution can also be increased by 3840 pixels.

Audio/Video Mods

Send larger videos and audio files on GS WhatsApp. The videos can be HD-quality and they will not be reduced or compressed. Whereas the official version only allowed users to share videos up to 16 MB. GSWhatsApp exceeded the limit of 700 MB. Similarly, audio files were limited to 15 MB, but this mod version has extended to 100 MB.

Backup and Restore Messages

The backup and restore feature within the GS WhatsApp app will let you save a copy of all your chats and media and also restore them whenever you want.

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What is GS WhatsApp?

GS WhatsApp is a free WhatsApp Mod developed with the intention of providing all basic privacy and customization features in a compact application.

Is GS WhatsApp safe?

Being a mod version has certain security risks. This version has not been updated in a very long time, so you may face some issues. However, no serious threats have been reported.


GS WhatsApp is a compact mod version of WhatsApp that has all the relevant features with the same interface as the original application. Though you’re using the official WhatsApp, but with extra features, you’ll enhance your chatting experience. The wide customization options are added, which will let you modify the application.

Every mod version has certain security risks and chances of getting banned by the official WhatsApp Team. So that is why we recommend our readers to always use a secondary or a temporary number while using any WhatsApp Mod.


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