WhatsApp Icon Disappeared From Android (Solved)


WhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular applications in today’s age. Almost everyone uses it nowadays. This application has become so important in our lives that now we require it just at the tip of our hands when we open our mobile phones. Even at times, we don’t have time to search for the application from the Apps bar.


However, sometimes you might experience that your WhatsApp logo is not visible on your device. You have also not uninstalled it. It is also not always possible for you to search for the application every time. So this is something which you require to fix.

WhatsApp icon

However, you can try the GBWhatsApp apk if you want to try different color icons, Custom themes, 2500+ new stickers, Audio and video call recordings, and many more. But for now, let us find out in this article the reasons for which your WhatsApp icon is not visible and the ways in which you can fix it.


 Reasons For the WhatsApp Icon Being not Visible are:

  • Your WhatsApp application might have been unintentionally removed from the mobile screen,  but it is actually installed on your device only, just not visible on your screen.
  • You might have formatted certain restrictions to show your WhatsApp icon.
  • You might face a glitch on your mobile phone. This generally happens if you have not cleared your memory or you have excess storage in your device or maybe your phone is under any Malware attack.
  • Your device screen layout might also have been changed; it just eventually removed your WhatsApp icon to any other place.

How to Fix it?

You may follow the steps to fix your problem with the WhatsApp icon not being visible on your device.

  • The foremost thing which you can try is to just reboot or restart your phone. At times our phone faces certain hindrance in working smoothly and therefore it can cause such problems.

restart phone

  • Uninstall the application if it shows in the Google Play Store or the app store that your devices are already installed in the device, and then again reinstall it.

reinstall WhatsApp

  • If the WhatsApp application is installed on your memory card then there might have been some problem with the memory card so remove the memory card and install it again.

memory card

  • In your device settings go to the app section and then search for the WhatsApp application to see if any restrictions are there or not and act accordingly to make the icon visible.

Check your device settings if the WhatsApp application has been hidden, if it is so then unhide it.

Hide App

  • Also check if the WhatsApp Icon is invisible or hidden under the app drawer icon, in case it is hidden then bring it back to the home screen.
  • If you have changed your device theme or home screen layout, then it might have just got misplaced somewhere else so search for it and keep it on your home screen.


It can be real trouble if you don’t find an app like WhatsApp which everyone uses mostly just on your home screen, thus follow the above-mentioned steps and make your WhatsApp icon visible.

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