Tips to Filter Important Messages From WhatsApp Chats


We all use WhatsApp chats for communication with our friends, families, relatives, and colleagues, and the list never ends. Hundreds and thousands of messages are received and sent. We all have certain important chats; maybe an important message where your boss had said you to work on a presentation in the workgroup and after that many conversations happened in that group and you have lost the track of that message.


It has now become too exhausting for you to scroll messages after messages to find out that important one. Therefore, it is always advisable to filter your important messages. You can even save the important message in an innovative way using GBWhatsApp. You can simply convert WhatsApp chat into a text file and save it as a draft on your email.

Another benefit that lies in installing GBWhatsApp is being able to enjoy its other features which no other apk mod can give be as downloading the view once messages or the DND mode. In this article, you will get some of the other tricks in order to filter important messages from WhatsApp chats.

Tips to Filter Important Messages from WhatsApp Chats

The WhatsApp application has also a special WhatsApp for the business persons who especially conducted business on WhatsApp. WhatsApp business has this feature of chat filter which is available both on its desktop and mobile version. In this feature, the user can filter their chats on the basis of the unread messages which are not from their phone book memory or saved numbers and Groups.



The original WhatsApp application does not have a direct message filter application available yet, but there are certain ways in which a user can filter their important messages. Let us find out below.

  • If the user wants to filter any important message on the WhatsApp application then they can star that message or messages. This will help them to filter out all the important messages and they can view them in the starred messages section.
  • stared messages
  • If any user wants to filter the important messages then they can use the mute option. By using the mute option you can mute all those chats for which you don’t want to receive any unnecessary notifications. In this way, to some extent, you will have your important chats filtered out.
  • There are certain chats that the user knows are very important, especially the messages which you received from your boss or colleagues,  etc. For such chats, you can assign a specific ringtone so that whenever they send a message you will be able to understand that you have got an important message.
  • Besides using a specific custom notification ringtone the user can also use a custom notification light which will enable them to understand whether such messages are important or not.
  • To filter out the important messages the user can also pin that particular chat that contains all the important messages.


Filtering out important chats or messages is very essential for the majority of WhatsApp users. Though the original WhatsApp application has not given us some specific filtering message options, yet till then the above tricks can help us to filter out all important messages.

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