How to Extract WhatsApp Group Contacts


GBWhatsApp is a modded application of the WhatsApp messenger app. It gives many additional features that the original WhatsApp does not provide. One of the features that WhatsApp offers is that it is possible to extract contacts from the GBWhatsApp groups.


Saving the contacts from the GBWhatsApp group can be beneficial as well as a time-saving feature for the GBWhatsApp users. GBWhatsApp has various other features like who viewed your profile picture, You can make money with GBWhatsApp, etc. There are certain ways by which users can use this feature.WhatsApp

2 Best Way to Extract All Whatsapp Group Contacts Are:

  • Some Tricks in Browser

To extract all contacts from their GBWhatsApp group, users need to run their GBWhatsApp on pc (Mac or Windows). After the installation of GBWhatsApp, follow the below steps:-


Step1. Open the GBWhatsApp account on pc.

Step2. You can see all the chats on the left side of the screen. Select the group which you want to extract contacts from.

Step3. After selecting the group, the group chat will open on the right side of the screen. Now you can see all the contacts below the group name.

Step4. Right-click on the screen and a drop-down menu will appear. Select inspect. Or you can use ctrl + shift inspect

Step5. A window will appear that consists of all the codings. Select all the all the codings

Step6. Now again right-click on the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Go to copy and select copy outerHTML.copy outer html

Step7. Open any HTML editor. The most common HTML editor is notepad. Open the new file and paste all the codings.


Step8. To access the contacts in readable form, press ctrl+F and replace “,” with <br>.replace all

Step9. From the Paste Options window, allow the “Transpose” feature to display contacts in dedicated columns.

Step10. Now save the file with the “.html” extension at the end of the name of the file.


Now you can easily access and save all the group contacts from the GBWhatsApp group.

  • Using Chrome Extension

If you want to access and save all contacts from the GBWhatsApp group in a quick or hassle freeway, then this method can complete your task easily. Just follow the following steps:-

Step1. Open your GBWhatsApp account on your pc (Mac or Windows).

Step2. Add an extension “ Download WhatsApp group PhoneNumber” in your browser. This will show an icon on the top right corner of the address WhatsApp group

Step3. Open your GBWhatsApp on the pc and select the group, in which you want to extract all the contacts.

Step4. Click on the downloaded extension icon from the top right corner and select the “download info” info

Step5. The data of GBWhtasApp group contacts will be downloaded as a CVS file, which you can open in MS contact in MS excel

The chrome-extension method can easily complete your task within seconds. Users can now access all GBWhtasApp group members’ names with their respective numbers.


GBWhatsApp, the modded version of WhatsApp messenger is developed to make tasks easy for the users as it offers some features that WhatsApp messenger does not provide. Now, users can stop wasting their valuable time saving the GBWhtasApp group details manually. The above  2 methods can be very handy ways to keep GBWhatsApp group details up to date.

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