How to Enable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is packed with various features which are not present in normal WhatsApp. One of the features is DND Mode. This mode, also known as Airplane mode does exactly what it says, it stops all incoming and outgoing messages.


This feature is quite useful as it makes you appear offline on GBWhatsApp but you can continue to use the rest of your phone without any interruption. This feature will add another feather to the list of amazing features of this third-party application, including hiding online status, adding stickers, hiding chats, etc.

So if you are someone who is confused about installing GBWhatsApp but are reading this article because you are finding this feature to be helpful, you must do it now. Your official account will not get banned even if you use this app. Now let us learn about DND Mode.

Enable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp

Here are the steps you can follow to enable DND mode in GB WhatsApp.

  • Open the GBWhatsApp application
  • On the top bar, you will see a Wifi icon

Wi-Fi icon

  • Click on the icon
  • You will see a prompt that says “While Airplane mode is On, you will not be able to send/receive messages”
  • Click on ‘ACTIVATE’enable dnd mode
  • GB WhatsApp will restart with DND Mode enabled.

To Disable DND Mode in GBWhatsApp

If at any point you wish to disable the DND mode, you can also follow similar steps and make the changes.

  • Open GBWhatsApp again
  • Press the Blinking Crossed Wifi Symbol
  • You have turned off the DND Mode.

This is how you turn on/off DND Mode or Airplane Mode in GBWhatsApp, this feature is only available in moded versions of WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I Receive Calls in DND Mode?

No, you won’t receive any calls or messages while in DND mode.


2. Would I be able to use Other Apps While in DND Mode?

You are free to use any other apps you want while DND mode is turned on.

3. What Happens to the messages I Receive while in DND mode?

You will receive those messages when you turn off DND mode. To the other person, It would appear you were offline.


So, we learned how to turn on/off DND mode in GB WhatsApp. This feature is quite useful sometimes and can save you a bit of trouble. A lot of users have gotten annoyed with the constant messages on group chats. Hence in such cases, such a mode helps to give you that peace of mind for as long as you need.

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