Efficient Ways to Spy on WhatsApp Messages


The invention of WhatsApp has changed our social media game totally. One of the most used apps for communication purposes or chatting is Whatsapp. From teenagers to office-goers and senior citizens, almost everyone uses Whatsapp. It is hard to find someone who does not have access to it.

One of the main reasons that WhatsApp is so popular because of its privacy and one-user application. Therefore, one WhatsApp account generally cannot be used by multiple users. But at times we all tend to spy on WhatsApp messages, because of various reasons. Let’s not judge each other because of the reasons we want to spy on WhatsApp messages rather let’s find some solution to it.

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Reasons for Spying on WhatsApp Messages

There can be various reasons which explain why one spies on WhatsApp messages. The very common reason is people in relationships or marriages want to intrude on their partner’s WhatsApp communication. They want to have an awareness of what goes in their partner’s life. Mostly this is observed among couples who are in long-distance marriages or relationships.


Another reason is in today’s world android phones are in the hand of children to elders. Especially in lockdown, the usage of mobile phones and WhatsApp communication have drastically increased among children. It is always not possible for the guardian or the parent to look into their child’s phone, and maybe the child can also hide some kinds of stuff from the parents. In such cases, the parents want to use a spying tool to keep them aware of their child’s actions on WhatsApp.

spy whatsapp

During the lockdown, many companies have made their work communicate on WhatsApp. Even many companies and businesses do work on WhatsApp. Therefore to keep the track of their employees’ actions the employers want to have a spying tool.


These are some major reasons, however, there are other reasons as well that state, why one wants to spy on another, ’s WhatsApp messages.

 Spy on WhatsApp Messages Through PC or Phone

There are various spying tools that are available in the market in order to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. Let us talk about some of the WhatsApp spying tools.

Method 1- WhatsApp Web

The very first and most popular WhatsApp spying tool is WhatsApp web. It is an application that allows the user to view messages or send messages or download media etc on the computer. However, one thing which is required to be noted here is that WhatsApp web can only be used on computers and one will leave to access the WhatsApp account by scanning the court from that particular WhatsApp account which they want to spy on.

WhatsApp Web

This application is useful for official purposes where one needs to spy their WhatsApp messages from the computer. However one of the main disadvantages here is that while using WhatsApp web you may not be able to spy on other messages anonymously. They will come to know that their account is linked with the computer.

Method 2: Web Scan

Another spying tool is whats web scan. It is an application that is available both on Google Play and App Store. In this spying tool, one can scan the barcode of the WhatsApp account which they want to spy on, and thereby they can access that account, and view, or receive messages without the other person’s knowledge.


Messages can be viewed from the other WhatsApp account anywhere the only thing is that one needs to scan the QR code and link the account. The other person will also not be notified that their messages are being read by other people. However, one of the features of this application is that other accounts where you are spying on have to be online then only you can access, view, or receive the messages. Also at times, there are some connectivity issues.

WhatsApp web scan

Method 3: Web Clone

WhatsApp web clone is another application that is used as a WhatsApp spying tool. It is one of the most popular applications where you can spy on others’ WhatsApp accounts without their knowledge.


web clone

Method 4: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another WhatsApp Spy application that is very popular among those customers who want to spy on others’ WhatsApp messages. This application’s features are inbuilt in such a way that it will help you track the number of activities happening on the device you have targeted.


Method 5: Cocospy

Cocospy is another WhatsApp spying tool that makes WhatsApp spying easier. After this application is installed on the Android or iPhone or on the computer it will transmit all the details from the targeted WhatsApp account to the Coco spy browser dashboard and eventually, you will be able to see and receive and even delete WhatsApp messages.

There are also various other WhatsApp spying tools available like eye Zy, ClevGuard, mSpy, etc.



There are too many spying tools available in order to spy on other WhatsApp accounts. However, spying without any reasonable reason can lead to legal difficulties. It is an intrusion of privacy to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp messages without their knowledge.

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