How to Download View Once Images/Videos on WhatsApp


WhatsApp introduced a new feature to their app. The view once feature allows the user to send an Image or Video, which can only be viewed once. But like everything, this also has a loophole. You can very easily save the media file and view it how many times you like.


Before we proceed, remember it’s illegal to have others’ private images/videos without their permission; only use this for harmless pranks and fun. But here we have a guide that will help you to download the View Once images or the videos within a few steps. Either you can do it manually or you can install GBWhatsApp for this purpose.  GBWhatsapp has many amazing features like downloading the view once the images, viewing the status without letting them know, changing voice on WhatsApp calls, etc. Let us get on with everything you need to know.WhatsApp

To Download View Once Images/Videos on WhatsApp:


You can just screenshot the image, and it would be saved to your Gallery. For Videos, however, you can start a screen recording before opening it. This process is very easy and simple and does not require any third-party apps. 


For images, make sure you are prepared to screenshot before opening as you can’t open the message after one time. 

For videos, make sure your screen recorder is running before opening the video to get the full length. screenshot the image



You can download and install GBWhatsApp and its various mods. This app allows you to download view-once images/videos, and to do this, follow the given steps. 

  • Firstly, install GBWhatsApp on your device. 
  • Do a quick account set up with an alternative phone number.
  • Now go to “GB Settings”  and then go on “Privacy and Security”.GBsettings
  • And turn on the “Anti-View Once” option. anti view once
  • Now go to the particular chat from where you want to download the view once photo. 
  • And when you will click on the media, you will find a download option.
  • Hit the download button and the photo/video will be saved on your device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the view once images/videos?

View once images/videos are a way to share your images/videos for one time only, but we can save those pictures and videos using the above methods.


2. Who can send view once images/videos?

Anyone with an updated WhatsApp application on their device can send you a view once images/videos.


WIth WhatsApp rolling out multiple features on its app, it can be difficult to keep up at times. So, we are hoping this guide might have helped you since we have tested each method to help you out in the best manner.

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