Download GBWhatsApp Themes Free for Android


WhatsApp is a very versatile and functional app used by millions every day. If you are a GBWhatsApp user, you can take this functionality even further. The official WhatsApp does not provide such customization options and this is why the number of users of its clone application is increasing day by day.


You can change the theme in GBWhatsApp, therefore, changing the layout of the app. The themes are a great way to add aesthetic to the entire interface making it even more enjoyable to use every day. Follow this article to download new GBWhatsapp Themes.


Download GBWhatsApp Themes Free for Android

You might be sick of the same old green and white design of WhatsApp and want to change it up a bit. Now you can.

Before continuing make sure you understand the Privacy concerns attached to GBWhatsApp. As this is a third-party and has control of your Data.

The steps to Download GBWhatsApp Themes are as follows-

  • Open GB WhatsApp
  • After opening the app, click on the three-dot menu on the top right. (Make sure you are in the Chat section and not in Status Section or anything else)
  • Now click on GB Settings
  • Under GB Settings, press ‘Download Themes’ You will see a list of available themes
  • Find the theme you want and click on ‘Apply’
  • The theme would be applied automatically after being downloaded to your phone.
  • If it is laggy or does not change Restart the app.



This is how you change your theme in GBWhatsApp. To Change your theme back to the original follow these exact same steps and choose the Default theme while choosing the theme.

GBWhatsApp has a long theme collection Spongebob, Red Machine, Lovely Puppy, Golden Green Flow, and Modern Honeycomb are some of the best themes for GBWhatsApp. Besides these, GBWhatsApp for iOS has Dark and Light themes also.



We discussed how to change GBWhatsApp Themes and also learned about several Themes for it. The specification can change over time, but the overall procedure should stay the same. You will have to follow the same process to download the different attract themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would my Chats Still be There if I use a New Theme?

Yes, your Chats and everything would remain unaffected if you apply a new theme. The only thing that will change is the design of the User Interface(UI).

2. How Many Themes are There?

There are a lot of themes that are available for your GB Whatsapp. You can try a few of those and find what suits your needs. Read the GBWhatsApp Themes section for a new collection of themes.

3. Why use Themes?

Themes are a great way to personalize your Whatsapp to your taste. This can make this app more functional and useful to you.

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