How to Disable Auto-Download Media in GBWhatsApp


Downloading media over GBWhatsApp can consume a lot of data. Not all of us have Wifi connection so downloading a huge number of media can exhaust our data limit. Auto download media denotes downloading media automatically on our devices.


It not only consumes a large number of data but also eats up our storage space. And it is also not safe to download all media especially if it is from an unknown source.



The GBWhatsApp is well known for its features like sending a blank message or sharing large files but it can be a bit irritating if media gets downloaded automatically. So disabling the auto-download option is a must-need for almost everyone. Let us see how one can disable auto-download media in the GBWhatsApp application.

How To Disable Auto-Download Media In GBWhatsApp

On Android

  • Open the GBWhatsApp application.
  • After opening the GBWhatsApp application home screen, click on the vertical lines which are present at the top corner of the screen.
  • Click on data and storage and storage


  • After that, you will see a section of media auto-download. There are three kinds of media auto-download; one is using mobile data, another is while using Wi-Fi and the other is when roaming.

media auto download

  • Turn all of the three of them off and remove all permission from images, audio, and video.

turn off all

  • Finally, you have disabled auto-download media on the GBWhatsApp application.

On iPhone

Though the GBWhatsApp application is not compatible with the iPhone,  yet lately the GBWhatsApp can be installed with the iOS as well. Therefore, let us see how we can disable auto-download media in iOS.

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • After coming to the GBWhatsApp home screen, click on the settings icon which is present at the bottom of the screen
  • Then click on data and storage use
  • Then you will see a section named media and auto-download. There all kinds of media like photos, audio videos and documents have been mentioned thus select the never option. Finally, you have disabled the auto download media option.ios


Media auto download is recommended to be kept turned off as this will keep your phone in a good condition as well. Constantly downloading media in the background puts stress on the software. Turning the auto-download media off enables you to choose which one you want to download and which one you want to ignore. Disabling it also ensures that certain private media don’t get downloaded automatically and comes under the eye of an outsider.

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