Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation With Anyone Without Getting Caught


Some of the features are which are not available on the original WhatsApp are available in GBWhatsApp. One of the third-party applications with some new features is GBWhatsApp fake. Have you ever made your friends and family fool using these authentic-looking GBWhatsApp fake? It allows users to create a fake chat with anyone virtually. To do it no change is there it’s almost the same as the original WhatsApp.


When you want to play a trick or want to make a fool of someone then this application can be used. It can be your partner when you want to get out of a bad situation or condition, or a friend or a boss it can be anyone. This app helps you to get out of the trouble. What one needs is android and creative skills.

This app is almost the same as the original WhatsApp one can chat, voice calls, video calls, change profile picture, upload status, etc. GBWhatsApp fake can be easily downloaded and installed. Once The App is Downloaded and installed,

Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Open the app, and fake chat is written over the top left corner.

2. Tap on that and change its name to WhatsApp.change name to WhatsApp

Pro Tip: Keep the first letter as Capital, it will add originality.

3. After changing the name, on the lower right corner tap the icon to start the conversation.start the fake conversation


4. Once done with this we will directly switch to a new page where we can start a conversation with the people we want.start the conversation with the people you want5. Now you can start sending messages to the fake accounts and could receive the replies you want from them.send messages and create a fake chat

Some More Ways To Create a Fake Conversation Are :

  • Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator :

Using a fake chat generator you will be able to set the profile picture of the fake chat recipient, time on the phone, change battery percentage, change blue ticks, change voice in voice calls, and much more. You could add messages you liked to see. Once you are completed with a fake scenario. You can transfer the images and send them to anyone.

  • Fake Chat Maker:fake chat maker

This app allows users to create a fake WhatsApp chat, create a fake profile, send fake chats, add a fake status, use emojis available on WhatsApp, insert media, make fake calls, capture screenshots and share them, have fake phone records, send video in the chat, and make or receive video calls, can see who viewed the profile, etc. This application works for android users only.

The above-mentioned applications would work great but if you are someone who does not want to install any applications on your device then you may also go for WhatsApp Shall Game. It is the easiest ad widely used method of creating a fake conversation.

Tip: If you want to create a fake chat on your iPhone, you can use Chatsfake for WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp fake is a very useful app. It could be used to fix a problem. You can easily take screenshots of a fake chat and answer that suspicion by saying other things. Doesn’t matters whatever the reason maybe we can easily manage and succeed. These are genuine in every possible way. So above mention is the ways that could be used Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation With Anyone Without Getting Caught.

Disclaimer: GBWA.XYZ has no intention to mislead the reader to create a Fake Account. We are providing information only and are not responsible for the misuse.

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