How to Backup & Restore GBWhatsApp Chats to Google Drive?


You can restore the data from Gb WhatsApp as it provides a proper backup option. It authenticates with Google Drive so, even if you switch your mobile or desktop, you can get back up. Although it’s hard. Since it’s an unofficial app, the backup of GB WhatsApp in Google Drive is difficult.


There are some measures to backup GB WhatsApp. But, being a Mod version of WhatsApp, the authorized WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do that. So, for this, you need to root other ways. There are 3 ways that can help you get a backup for GB Whatsapp.

Backup and Restore GB WhatsApp Manually

In this procedure, you’ve to create a backup in GB WhatsApp first. Then, you’ve to restore your data in a similar application. Start with following the steps to create a backup in GB WhatsApp.

Steps to Create a Backup in GB WhatsApp

Steps to backup in gb whatsapp

Few easy steps you must follow to create a backup in GB WhatsApp-

Step 1. First, launch GBWhatsApp on your device.

Step 2. Move on to the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 3. Click on the ‘Chats’ option.

Step 4. Press the ‘Chat Backup’ button.

From here, you can see a timer on your top bar, indicating the time it will take to backup all data. Once it’s done, You’ll see a group of folders in the GB WhatsApp folder in your internal storage. Now, what you’ve to do is, copy the folder to safe storage.

After getting back up, move the folder to a safe place. Go on ‘Internal Storage’ of the app to get access to the storage files.

Note: You need to download higher file explorer like ES File Explorer, Amaze File Manager or Cx File Explorer, etc to step into your internal storage.

copy gbwa backup to storage

  1. Download the file explorer, open it and click on ‘Internal Storage’ on the top.
  2. Choose the ‘GBWhatsApp’ named folder.
  3. Long press on the folder. A ‘copy’ option will appear at the bottom.

Now you can copy the folder to the desired place in your phone storage. Or else, transfer the folder from phone to pc through means of a cable.

GB WhatsApp Backup Restore

restore gb whatsapp backup

To restore the backup in GB WhatsApp-

Step 1. Reinstall GB WhatsApp and don’t open it.

Step 2. Move the folder from the desktop or phone download folder and to your internal storage through File explorer.

Step 3. Click on the internal storage option and go in ‘Downloads’. You’ll be able to see a ‘GB WhatsApp’ folder.

Step 4. Long press the folder and click on the ‘copy’ option that appeared at the bottom.

Step 5. Now, paste the copied folder with other local storage in the file manager.

Step 6. Open the installed MOD app and verify your number.

Step 7. Click on the ‘Restore’ button at the bottom and wait for it.

Step 8. After it is restored, you’ll get backup chats, media, and data.


Step 9. Click on ‘Next’ and your app is ready with your data restored.

Note: While opening GBWhatsApp. Skip the options to restore your contacts or copy data. Simply verify your number. To illustrate, the app will request permission to access your data and search for backups on Google Drive. This is aimless as the backup is not available on google drive.

GB WhatsApp Backup Restore in Normal WhatsApp

The procedure is much similar to the previous backup one. Starting with similar steps to retrieve chats, media, and data in GB WhatsApp.

Step 1. Open the Mod app. Move on to the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Chats’ option. Click on the ‘Chat Backup’ button.

Step 3. Download and install the official WhatsApp from Playstore and don’t open it now.

Note: GB WhatsApp allows you to have two or more WhatsApp on your phone. Thus, you don’t need to uninstall the MOD app.

Move Backup Data to Official WhatsApp

move gbwhatsapp data to whatsapp data


Transfer the backed up data from the GBWhatsApp to the official WhatsApp through the following steps-

Step 1. Open the local drive or file manager on your phone and scroll to the ‘GB WhatsApp’ folder.

Step 2. Open the folder, select database

Step 3. Search for the backup you made in the database folder with the ‘file name’

Step 4. Copy the backup and move it to the official WhatsApp folder

Step 5. Open the WhatsApp document, select ‘Database’, and paste the backup. The backup data is been moved to official app data.

Step 6. Next, Open the WhatsApp you installed and verify your number.

Step 7. Click on the ‘Restore’ button and wait for the result.

Once the restore part is done, you’ll get your GB WhatsApp data, media, and chats all in the official WhatsApp. Now, you can easily excess your GB WhatsApp google drive backup.

Backup of GB WhatsApp in Google Drive

Since you got GB WhatsApp back up and restored it in WhatsApp. You can now easily backup GB WhatsApp data to Google Drive with the following steps-

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and Go on ‘WhatsApp Settings’

Step 2. Move on settings and click on ‘chats’.

Step 3. Then, ‘select chats’ backup and click on ‘backup to Google drive’

The backup may take a while. Once it’s done, you can open GB WhatsApp backup in google drive.

Restore WhatsApp Backup in GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp backup is very easy and similar to the GB WhatsApp backup.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and Go on ‘WhatsApp Settings’

Step 2. Move on settings and click on ‘chats’.

Step 3. Now, select ‘chats backup’ and hit on ‘Backup’ button. The backup is ready!

Step 4. Search for backup folder through the file explorer in internal storage.

Step 5. Open the file explorer and move to the internal storage option on top.

Step 6. Search for the WhatsApp folder.

Step 7. Long press the folder. Click on the ‘rename’ option that appeared at the bottom.

Step 8. Rename the folder to GBWhatsApp. Follow the same with the other subfolder inside the main folder.

Step 9. Now download and install GB WhatsApp.

Step 10. Open the app and only verify your number. Ignore other options.

Step 11. Now click on the ‘Restore’ button at the bottom. Wait for a while. Click on ‘Next’

By that time, the system will recover GB WhatsApp chat and media. You can now set your profile and continue enjoying your WhatsApp chats in GB WhatsApp. Nothing is going to mess up!

Sum Up!

Before this problem of backing up GB WhatsApp to Google Drive has no solution. Although, technical departments are getting more advance now. An application gets updated with a solution once a user comments in the inbox. GB WhatsApp and other mod versions are working on their apps for a better user experience. Even with some faults, you get a solution fast as a flash.

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