How to Create an Account in GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is a popular mod of official WhatsApp that is gaining popularity because of its extraordinary features. Being a third-party application, it is not available on the play store and needs to be downloaded from an authentic website.


The user does not have to uninstall the Official WhatsApp because of its dual account feature. Now many individuals get stuck or are confused about how they can open an account in GBWhatsApp. Is it similar to the normal WhatsApp or is it different? Let us answer all such questions further in the article.

How To Create An Account In GBWhatsApp

The features like changing the themes, do not disturb mode, and hiding the chats is making users irresistible to use this application. So go through the below steps and follow them to create a GBWhatsApp account.

  • Firstly one needs to install GBWhatsApp. Now GB WhatsApp can be downloaded through the APK version from websites like GBWA>XYZ. It is suggested that one should always download the latest updated version of the GB WhatsApp to get all the latest and updated features.
  • After downloading the apk version of GB WhatsApp one has to install the GB WhatsApp.
  • The phone may give a pop-up while downloading that can harm the device however press on skip and then choose okay to install the GB WhatsApp on your device.

Install GBWhatsApp

Note: Before downloading and installing the APK file, you need to enable the “Unknown Sources” from settings.
  • After installation, open the GBWhatsApp application.
  • After opening the GBWhatsApp application press on agreeing to the privacy policy.

GB WhatsApp Privacy Policy

  • The application will now ask you to grant permissions like reading, writing, and access. Give such permissions accordingly.
  • Then provide the number on which one needs to create the GBWhatsApp account.
  • While giving the number, be very careful. Do not give the number which is used or which has an account in the original WhatsApp application. If you do so your account from the original Whatsapp application will be logged out.
  • Do not press on to copy WhatsApp data.

Set Up GBWhatsApp

  • Carefully check whether the number provided is correct or not.
  • After this verify the number. GBWhatsApp will ask you to grant the application the access to send view messages. In case you want to verify your number manually you can also do so.
  • Once you receive the number code copy and write the number court in the GBWhatsApp application to verify your number.

In case after a long time you don’t receive any number code then update GBWhatsApp and click on the download button to download the updated version of GB WhatsApp,  it will redirect to a web page and thereby scroll down to download GBWhatsApp on your device and finally click on the download button.

Also, keep in mind that before installing the latest version of GBWhatsApp one needs to uninstall the older version of GBWhatsApp (if already installed) After doing so one has to follow the steps from the beginning till verifying the phone number.

  • After the verification of the number GBWhatsApp will ask you to give its permission to access the device contacts.
  • Now enter the name which you want to keep in your WhatsApp account. You may also add a picture if you desire so.Profile Setup


  • After all this process the installation of GBWhatsApp is completed and you will get on the texting page.

Note: If you face any issue regarding GBWhatsApp not working after installation, go through this section.

The features like increased file size limit, extracting contacts, etc make it a worth downloading application. So you must follow these steps and try the application.


Above it is clearly and easily mentioned how one can open an account in GBWhatsApp. However, the original WhatsApp application always prevents from using any third-party app like GBWhatsApp as it can lead to a permanent account ban in the original WhatsApp application.

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