How to Create a WhatsApp Chat Link


One particular feature that the GBWhatsApp application provides is a chat link that is beneficial, especially for business purposes. People normally do not save the business number on their mobile phones. So to connect with the people, users can share GBWhatsApp chat links to any platform from which people can contact instantly by clicking the link without saving mobile numbers.


GBWhatsApp is the most popular clone version of the WhatsApp messenger app. The app’s features are the main reason for its popularity in the market. Features like adding more than 256 members in the group, auto-reply, adding stickers, and many more, do not exist in the current WhatsApp messenger application in this app called GB WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp can easily be downloaded and installed. Let us learn more about it.

What is the Chat Link Feature?

The chat link feature allows the GBWhatsApp user to chat with another user right away without making an effort to save GBWhatsApp’s registered mobile number. By simply clicking the link, the user is redirected to the chat of the person who shared the link.WhatsApp chat link


When you click the chat link you will get redirected to the blank WhatsApp chat of the person who created the link. To create the link without a text message, here are the steps:-

Step1: Type<number>

Step2: Now put your mobile number in the place of <number>

Step3: Avoid using zero, +, or any dashes while inserting a mobile number.

Step4: Now your chat link is link


This method is used when you want to send a pre-typed message to the person as soon as he clicks the chat link. To create the link with the text message, follow the below steps:-

Step1. Type


Step2.  In place of  “WhatsApp phone number”, type your GBWhatsApp registered mobile number.

Step3. And in place of “URL-encoded text”, type the text message that you want to send as soon as someone clicks your chat link and opens your chat box.

Step4. To put space between the text message, use “%20”. This will put space between the word in the message.


Step5. If your text message is of more than 1 sentence. Then you have to add “OA” between the 2 “%20”.link

Example:- if you want to send Hey. Leave your message. Then your chat link will be:-

Pro tip:- This is a bit of a complex task. To make this procedure easy, you can use different chat link maker tools available over the internet.

  • No Sharing of the Mobile Number

Sharing mobile numbers with a large number of people is a bit risky as it can create disturbance in your life with unwanted phone calls and SMS. Through the Chat link feature, you can instantly connect to a large base of people without sharing your mobile sharing of mobile number

  • Instant Message

Don’t you think sharing and saving mobile numbers to chat on GBWhatsApp is a time-consuming task? Using the chat link feature, someone can connect with you in real-time.instant messaging

  • Make Selling On GbwhatsApp an Easy Task

If you want to start your business and want a platform to connect with the customer. Then GBWhatsApp is the best option for you. The customer finds saving mobile numbers a time-consuming task and can avoid doing so. Using the chat link feature, customers can connect to you by just clicking the link.selling on GBWhatsApp

  • Large Reach to Customer

Every business needs marketing. Marketing means connecting with people and making awareness about your business. The chat link feature allows companies to collect a larger database of customers and reach out to them easily.

Companies share their chat link over the internet and save your mobile numbers as you click on the chat link. In the future, they can send you offers, vouchers, website links, and many more to market and promote their business.large reach to customers


Connecting to people without sharing your number is now possible by creating a GBWhatsApp chat link. Clicking the chat link can redirect someone to chat with you over the GbwhatsApp without sharing or saving mobile numbers.

Now let others connect with you instantly and hassle-free by creating the chat link.

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