Copy WhatsApp Status to Clipboard With GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is an alternate version of WhatsApp. In essence, it is a completely different app that needs to be downloaded from a reliable site like because you won’t find GBWhatsApp on the google play store.


GBWhatsApp has many features for users, like hiding online status, hiding typing status, and many other hacks too. You can use GB WhatsApp without removing the original WhatsApp, as two WhatsApp accounts with GBWhatsApp. 

One of the most important features is that it has a clipboard. The WhatsApp clipboard allows you to copy WhatsApp status from a message that was either sent or received to be used or pasted somewhere else. You can also copy multiple statuses one by one or can view the status without letting others know. So if you also want to use these features then download and install GBWhatsApp from GBWA.XYZ.

Where Can We Find A Copied Status on WhatsApp?

When we are viewing someone’s status, we just need to tap and hold the status that we want to copy on the clipboard. After that, we’ll see the highlighted status popping somewhere at the top of the clipboard. Tapping on the icon, we will have the status that we copied. If this feature doesn’t work in the older versions of GBWhatsApp, then you should update GBWhatsApp.   


How To Open It On WhatsApp?

To see what we have copied, we must go to the texting section where the keyboard can be seen. After that, we will see the “+” sign on the keyboard, and by tapping on that we can see our all copied texts or statuses and we can also edit them. If this or any feature doesn’t work properly even with the latest versions, then you can try to reset GBWhatsApp settings


How Can We Use It?

  1. Tap on the status that we wish to copy and hold it.
  2. Now the status is copied.
  3. Open the text area where the keyboard can appear. 
  4. Tap and hold the status where we want to copy.
  5. Tap on the paste option. 

After following these instructions, you can easily copy the status to the clipboard. You can also explore other features like changing fonts and adding more members to groups.


This GBWhatsApp feature is too helpful for everyone out there who is using GBWhatsApp as this saves our time, especially for working people who don’t have time to sit and write the same as they can now save messages and status with just a tap. GBWhatsApp is safe to use and also video calling is safe on GBWhatsApp and audio calling too including other features as well.

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