How to Convert WhatsApp Chat to Text File


Most of us use Whatsapp. Every day countless messages are shared through Whatsapp. But sometimes, we do need a text copy of those conversations, be it for legal purposes or another.


We can convert WhatsApp Chats into a readable format without using any third-party tool or extension, using the ‘Email Chat feature. This is irrespective of any device, that is you can do this on any device (Android, iPhone, PC) easily. Such special features come in-built into third-party applications like GBWhatsApp. Not only this feature it contains various other features too like ways to make money with GBWhatsApp, hide unhide chat in GBWhatsApp, etc. You can then directly convert the WhatsApp Chats to the text file that too without deleting the original WhatsApp as it has the feature of operating two accounts simultaneously.

WhatsApp chat to text

But if you feel not to try such apps, we are here to provide you with other solutions.


How to Convert WhatsApp Chat to Text File

A lot of users are often looking to share an entire WhatsApp chat with other users who may or may not be on WhatsApp. It could be for any purpose and it is not practically possible to take screenshots or even copy and paste these texts. Hence, you can choose to convert them into a text file to share them further. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Open Whatsapp and click on 3 dots
  • Here just click on “Chat” –> “Chat History”chat and chat history
  • Here you will get the “Email Chat” option, go with this option.
  • Now you have to select any Chat which you want to convert to text format. It will give you further 2 options “Without Media” or “Attach Media”, choose any of them and go chat
  • If you select INCLUDE MEDIA, this will also attach the sent/received photos, videos, stickers, etc., with the text file. But if you choose WITHOUT MEDIA, it would convert only the texts to a text file.
  • Select your desired option then it will load for a moment.
  • After loading, you will be asked how to share/save it. You can save it to your phone, or you can also share it directly with someone or,
  • You can send this WhatsApp chat using “Gmail”. It will automatically compose a mail with WhatsApp Chat in the Attachment. If you want to send it to your other email id, then enter that Email id otherwise you can just save this composing mail in the draft, going through the “3 vertical dots” menu icon –> tap on “Save Draft”.Gmail

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will All of My Chats With That Person Be Copied?

Yes, all of your chats with that person would be copied. But this wouldn’t include Chats that are deleted.


2. Will This Process Delete the Current Format of Chats?

No, this process won’t delete your Chats; it would only make a copy of it.

3. Where will the Saved Chats be Located?

When you create a Text file you will be prompted to send it, you can send it to WhatsApp to some contact. You can also save it in your Files. So depending on where you decided to save them, they would appear accordingly.


4. In What Format will the Chat Copy be Copied?

The Chat would be copied into a .txt File Format.

5. What will be the File Saved as?

The file would be saved as “WhatsApp Chats with…” then the contact name/Group name.


Here we are with everything you need to know on the steps to convert WhatsApp chat to a text file. As we mentioned earlier, the process is pretty to follow and anyone can easily choose to do it within seconds. Once done, you can now share it wherever it is required.

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