How to Check Online Friends on GB WhatsApp Being Offline?


As a mod version of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp offers amazing advanced features and tweaks. These online privacy tweaks are unknown to many users like checking online contacts. GB WhatsApp to check online friends while staying offline.


GB WhatsApp allows you to check who viewed your status, came online, or changed their profile. In GB WhatsApp online settings, contact online toast is unable by default. To enable this online friend and contacts tracker, you have to follow a simple guide.

If you’re new to GB WhatsApp and unaware of its use. Here you can learn how to use GB WhatsApp?

Advance Features of GB WhatsApp

1. It allows the user to see the online status on GB WhatsApp.

2. Users can send more than 30 photos with the help of GB WhatsApp.

3. Freedom to custom themes in GB WhatsApp.

4. Almost all languages support is available.

Guide to See Online Friends on GB WhatsApp

This contact online toast option provides you sub-options. Like you can enable sound notification and its position on your android screen for an alert. Follow this simple guide to exploring this amazing feature in this app.

Step 1. Download and install the GB WhatsApp latest version on your android.


If you’re a GB WhatsApp user, you must update the app to enjoy its latest advanced features. You may also read how to update GB WhatsApp and know to update your app.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on three dots on top.

Step 3. Go on the GB settings option.


guide 1 enable contact online toast

Step 4. Click on the Main/chat screen option.

guide 2 enable contact online toast

Step 5. Select the contact online toast option.

Step 6. Once the contact online toast option opens, click check on the show contact online toast option.

guide 3 enable contact online toastNow you can see who is online in your contact list. Users will get notifications on contacts last seen, profile changes, and a lot more.

Sum Up!

GB WhatsApp offers you a vast range of facilities as compared to the official app. If you’re concerned about the app’s safety, you can also read this to know if GB WhatsApp is safe. Most users are unknown about these hidden settings and such tweaks and features in GB WhatsApp. Through this contact online toast hidden feature, you will know if someone is online in your contact list without being online. Also, you can see their last seen, profile change, or if someone stalked your profile.

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