How to Change WhatsApp Chat Background Wallpaper


Used by Billions, WhatsApp is a great communication platform. As well as sending end-to-end encrypted messages we can also see Status and send fun Stickers. But did you know you can change your default chat background?WhatsApp’s feature allows users to change the background of their chats on both iOS and Android smartphones. Users can choose between pre-loaded wallpapers, solid colors, or their own images.WhatsApp


You heard it right you can change the background for every contact or you can configure it so that every contact has a different chat background. You can even download and install GBWhatsApp if you want the best collection of themes. It has recently launched many themes for its users. And the best part of GBWhatsApp is, that you need not uninstall the official WhatsApp as you can operate two accounts on the same device through GBWhatsApp.

Change Chat Background in WhatsApp:

Here are a few simple steps you can follow on your smartphone to change the chat background for any contact on your WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp Application
  • Click on ፧ on the Top Right
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Chatschat
  • Now click on Wallpaperwallpaper
  • Click on CHANGE which will be visible under the image
  • Select your desired wallpaper and it will wallpaperchat wallpaper

Keep in mind that this method will only affect your current mode. For example, if you are in dark mode this will change all the chat wallpapers in Darkmode. If you want to affect Light mode also change your System Settings or WhatsApp Settings for that. You can also have two different wallpapers for different modes.

Dim the Wallpaper Using the Wallpaper Dimming Menu:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open the desired chat
  • Tap on ፧ on the Top Right3 dots
  • Now press on Wallpaperwallpaper
  • Select the desired wallpaper.custom wallpaper
  • You will find the Wallpaper Dimming slider at the bottom of the screen. Adjust the slider to set the intensity of wallpaper dimming.dim wallpaper

To remove it, follow the option to bullet point five then you will see an option Remove custom wallpaper, click on it then click Remove in the prompt to confirm

Keep in mind, that even if you change all Wallpaper, this Wallpaper will remain. This will only go away or change if you open the contact and change it by the above method again.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the other person see what my wallpaper is?

No as of now the other person can’t see your chat background in Whatsapp but this is not the same with other Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, or Telegram.


2. How do I change to the Default Wallpaper?

(For a Specific Chat only) Follow For Changing Specific Wallpapers to bullet point five then click on Default wallpaper.

(For all chats) First, remove any custom wallpaper (if you want to change them as well) using the instructions in  For Changing Specific Wallpapers. Now follow For Changing all the Wallpapers to bullet point five and click on Default wallpaper.


So, we learned to change the Default Background in WhatsApp for a specific chat as well as for all the chats using the Whatsapp Settings. Were you able to do it? Some of the features here you may not find on the general WhatsApp that other people use. Hence make the most out of it.

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