How To Change Voice On Whatsapp Call or Audio?


WhatsApp is a complete online messaging app on which you can do calls and even video calls. But have you ever tried to change the voice on WhatsApp calls or even normal calls?


This is not possible with WhatsApp itself, since there is no voice changing available in WhatsApp. For this, you need some other app along with your WhatsApp. And if you want something different with better features, then you can install GBWhatsApp from

GBWhatsApp has many features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. With this, you can double the fun and use a voice change with GBWhatsApp. Playing a prank would be fun if the voice changer would work in real time during your call. You can also change language in GBWhatsApp and make money with GBWhatsApp along with all the fun. However, apps like these are rare, just like the GBWhatsApp.Voice Changer

We’ve Listed Some of the Best Voice Changer Apps for you:


voice change through fun call

FunCalls easily slides in as one of the best voice changer apps on the internet. You can change your voice in real-time, both on WhatsApp and on normal audio calls. With multiple voice modulation options, you can make your voice scary or funny. You can also change the voice of your recordings and share them with your friends. Using this app with GB WhatsApp would be fun as you can hide the last seen and check online friends.

Strange Voice

This app is amazing if you want to change your voice in real-time during the calls to have fun with your friends and family. The calling charges of this app are reasonable and lighter on your wallet. To use this app you would need CSipSmple under GNU GPL v3. You would also need a strong Wi-Fi connection to start using this software. You can use dual WhatsApp accounts to avoid getting caught and know who views your profiles and status to prank them.


best for prank calls


MagicCall is very fun for those who want to use it for pranks and other entertainment purposes. You can change your voice on the go with this app and can also apply various background voices. It has many different voice themes of many famous characters and celebrities like James Bond. You can make your voice scary and funny with this app. You can also try GBWhatsApp if you want to add stickers that are funny and scary. If you face the “add sticker pack fail” issue, then you can get the solution



This voice changer app is very fun for both Android and iOS users. You can add strong effects to your voice during the call. This app allows its users to change the pitch of the voice along with some background effects. You can go from one tone to another during the call and you can also change your voice from female to male and vice versa. If you are looking for something more interesting, then you can try to track someone’s WhatsApp during the prank call.


Voicy Phone

real time voice changing

When it comes to using the voice changer app on iOS devices, Voicy Phone steals the spot for being the best. You change the voice in real-time during the calls with no hassle. It provides many customization options for users to bring out their creativity while using the app. You can mix multiple tones and use different filters. It has filters for robotic voice, chipmunk voice, and many more. To up the ante, hide your status view and make things more spooky.


All the above-mentioned apps are built on very innovative technology which allows their users to change their voices in real-time during real calls. You can also use this app while recording your calls on WhatsApp. These apps are quite easy to use and no complicated process is required to use them. So, if you want to change your voice on WhatsApp or normal calls then these are the best apps for you.

These apps are very simple and easy to use. You can download these apps easily from the internet on your Android or iOS device. These are some of the best apps to change your voice while making calls with WhatsApp. If you want to add some extra fun to your WhatsApp then you can download GBWhatsApp from It has some amazing features that you won’t get in the original WhatsApp, this makes it worth a try!

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