How to Change Group Profile Pictures on WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is a versatile, free App used by billions every day. We use WhatsApp to convey our business and daily communications. Another useful feature of WhatsApp is its Group feature.


Any WhatsApp group participant can easily change the WhatsApp group icon and group subject within a few seconds. When it comes to profile pictures on WhatsApp, there are two groups of people. The first group contains people who like to change their profile pictures on regular basis. The other group hasn’t changed their profile picture for years.

WhatsApp group



We all are added to some groups that might be related to friends, family, or some official group. And GBWhatsApp added fire to this feature. People were finding trouble adding more than 256 members to the group through the official app but its modified version made it possible. various other features like who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture etc.

There is a need to change the profile pictures of such groups occasionally. It can be anyone’s birthday, any festival, or a new picture with an entire group added to the gallery. So let us learn some tips on how we can change your Group Profile Picture on WhatsApp.

How to Change Group Profile Pictures on WhatsApp?

A group profile Picture is meant to reflect the topic of the group, and to make the group more distinguishable. We have mentioned how you can change the Display Picture of your group below-

On Android

  • Open the WhatsApp Application
  • Open the group chat you want to change the Picture.
  • Now Click on the name of the group
  • You will now see the Display Picture of the group.

display picture

  • Click on the picture of the group.
  • In the top right, you will see a pencil icon.
  • Now Click on the pencil icon
  • Select the option you want to change the picture with and the picture will change

pencil icon

Options to Change the Display Picture(Android)

  1. Camera: Open the Camera, you can capture any picture and change the group picture with it.
  2. Gallery: This opens the gallery, now you can select any picture you like from the Storage and change the group picture with that.
  3. Emojis & Stickers: This option is a new one; you can add emojis and stickers to your WhatsApp Group DP as well. You can choose a background color from various options; then you can add any Sticker or Emoji to it.
  4. Search Web: You can search the Web for any topics and get related pictures, and you can directly set them as your Display Picture for the Group.

On iOS

  • First, you need to Open WhatsApp
  • Now make sure you are in the Chats tab
  • Now find the group and enter it
  • Now click on the Group name
  • Now you will see a camera icon on the bottom right corner of the group picture.


  • Click on the camera option
  • Now choose the proper option to change the Display Picture.change display

Options to Change the Display Picture(iOS)

  1. Reset icon: This button resets the Display Picture to the default effectively deleting the icon.
  2. Take Photo: You can take a photo and set it as your Group Chat Icon or Picture
  3. Choose Photo: You can choose a photo of your own from your Files to be used as an icon for the group chat.
  4. Search Web: You can type a keyword and find pictures related to it to be set as your group icon.


So, we learned how to change the display picture on WhatsApp. It is a really fun and enjoyable feature of WhatsApp with a lot of sense. You can actually track what is going on in the group by just looking at its profile picture. We also got to know several options on how this can be done.

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